Match review of Brazil vs Mexico!

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Brazil beat Mexico by 2-0!

Finally Brazil gone to the next round which is courter final. Brazil played really well yesterday. There attacking was not so good but they were so strong into defence. Brazilian defender saves lot's of goals of Mexico . Mexico tried so many time to the Brazilian dbox but they were not successful. Thiago,paulinho,willian,neymar coutinho everyone shows that why they are five times champion team.

Brazil scored 2 goal!

It's true that Mexican goal keeper Ochoa is very good. Because he saves so many shots.Brazil did 23 shots to the mexican dbox. But they were successfully just only two times. That was by the good pass.Becuase direct shots was not enough to beat the Ochoa's wall.
Neymar and Firminho both did one goal. First half was without goal. First half time Mexican got's lots of chances by they missed at the important time . Yesterday , Hernandez was also not in a good touch but he tried to assist the ball but others were failure to does score goal.

How does Brazil did the goal ?

Brazil did both goal after half time . Neymar does the first goal for Brazil team by a good touch of his feet . Second goal was scored by Firminho after the substitute with coutinho . It was also by a good touch of leg .

Brazil into courter-final

Brazil was the group champion then they faced Mexico at the knock-out stage but they also beat them . Now they are into the quarter-final against Belgium . Hopefully they will won this one also.


Good post, i didn't watch the match but reading this i understand a little about the match.

Thank you so much bro for your appreciation.
keep try to check out my post,I hope you will get all match information


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