200$ airdrop-don't miss this

in #steemitbd5 years ago

Most most important airdrop 💯
Don't miss this.
This is 200$ airdrop.
Join this telegram channel and complete all the instructions .
Here is the link below-
Required things for this airdrop is-

  1. join this telegram channel
    2)pass the captcha
    3)visit the website that they suggest
  2. then create there an account
    5)verify your identity by national I'd card / passport / diving license
    6)again came to the telegram channel and submit your email you used there.
  3. follow on Twitter and like them Facebook page
  4. refresh the telegram channel
    This is so easy things to get big airdrop.
    Again I'm telling you guys don't miss this airdrop .
    Just remember your kyc verification must be real that you have on your nid/passport/driving license actually.
    Thank you so much.
    Stay with me for more airdrop information.


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