My Steemit Awards Nomination(s)

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Here are my Nominations for the Steemit Awards for 2021.


I am nominating @kiwiscanfly for Best Contributor to this Blockchain.


Reasons why i am Nominating @kiwiscanfly

  • He's my Cousin Lol
  • Kiwiscanfly re started #SPUD4STEEM from the ashes of the Steemit/Hive Spilt and has run it for the past 18 months while improving it.
  • He thinks Powering up is the smartest thing any user can do to increase the value of Steemit
  • Supports and encourages users to build their wallets

Lets just think about #SPUD4STEEM for a minute 🤔🤔

The organizer is responsible for trying to on board sponsors to increase this community sponsored event, this is not a take picture of your goat competition with a 7 steem prize pool that desperately needs support from SC01

There have been recent times where 90+ entries for #SPUD4STEEM and when you include pre posts plus questions, someone ( 🐔) is very busy around the 1st and 2nd days of each month.

While all this is going on no one really see's or hears much from him, i worked out he can spend huge amounts of time collating and reporting results

Unflappable is word i would describe him as, i look at some of the retarded questions and entries he gets and he just smiles and carries on - i would at least tell them they are special 🤪 but that's me not him.

Have a look at the 150+ comments he makes around #SPUD4STEEM time, very few are the same. In fact he has made quite a few friends from what i an see.

#SPUD4STEEM as i see it gets minimal support from SC01, which is strange as this community run competition is TRYING to make dolphins by encouraging them to power up - not cash out half of it and STILL get support.

These are my reasons and thoughts on why @kiwiscanfly is the Best Contributor to this Blockchain

Best Community @steem-sri.lanka

My nomination for best community would have been for the groups approach to Spam/Farming and flat out theft, unfortunately that community has closed.

So my nomination for Best Community goes to @steem-sri.lanka as they are always active commenting and running competitions. They ALL seem like nice people :)
Their Community has grown and continues to grow - did i mention the Charity work they do?


Best Author @denmarkguy


Best Author for me would be @denmarkguy
No two posts are the same and every post gives you something to think about, i may not comment always on his posts but always read and upvote. The topics he covers can be thoughts or more personal but always thought provoking. this Author is what Steemit NEED MORE OF = unique content.

These are my nominations

Kind Regards @kiwi-crypto



Hi.. 😌 good to know that we two have same interests🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

You have been away for a while

Hope you are well 🧑‍🎄

Been lurking in the shadows of the blockchain, all good here :)

How are you going?

Just enjoying 😉

I totally agree with Your Nomination, @kiwiscanfly for Best Contributor to this Blockchain. I saw him working very hard to advance Steemit with the Power UP Program. I will support Him. Hopefully He will be included in the nominations at the "Steemi Awards"

Yeah i agree he does a great job

Hope all is good with you

I appreciate the nomination @kiwi-crypto, I'm very flattered and a little speechless to be honest.

I just enjoy telling stories of LIFE and sharing ideas that hopefully will get through to someone now and then and make them pause to think for a moment. Even if just one person paused for a moment and thought about their life... well, then perhaps it was a success!

Thanks again!

Author? comunnitty?

I just went back and re read the guidelines🙄 , now i need to nominate and Author and community....


yes! dear friend :D

Hope these guys are taking good care of their 🐐🐐

Is that an offer to provide the 7 steem i need to start this competition?

Thanks for this LOL

Um.... i & #SPUD4STEEM participants do get SC01 votes, remember they have lots of authors and communities to check - not just me

You should run a Goat picture competition


Your nomination is not bad at all. @kiwiscanfly have made meaningful contributions in terms of sp building.

I am waiting for the next nomination from you of the best author 🤦🤦🤦

Thank you dear friend

my thoughts go with you , your chosen community is also very good , it is a very meaningful nomination , i learned a lot from SSL. Good luck 😊

Terimakasih banyak bapak atas informasinya sangat membantu sekali untuk saya, @kiwi-crypto .

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