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RE: The Steemit Awards 2021 - Winners Announcement

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Thank you for this beautiful new year gift, and I thank all of you who has nominated me to be here

Congratulation to all winners, may you all be blessed and I wish you all the best

The Steem For Better Life community official account is since it is the merger community.

And for Steem SEA community please see @steemseacurator as the community official account






Alhamdulillah, barakallahu to my brother, Mr. @el-nailul + my cutie pie lady Ms. @firyfaiz and Mr. @klen.civil 😄
And also for our lovely community @steemseacurator @steem.sea and Steem For Better Life
Indonesia, you did it 🇮🇩🎉

Congratulations also to all of The Winners on The Steemit Awards 2021

Keep it up a good works 🎉 !

Thank you for your support as always, sista @asiahaiss. I hope this "steemit awards 2021" can construct me as a better steemian.

With my pleasure, sweety 💝
Aamiin Allahumma Aamiin
Wish you best of luck, ma pretty lady 😇

Thanks a lot my dear @asiahaiss. Wa fiiki barakallah.

Back at you, my brother @el-nailul

Felicidades amigo, sin lugar a dudas eres el mayor colaborador y seguir tu ejemplo me está llevando por buen camino jeje. Gracias por todo lo que me has enseñado y en lo que me has apoyado. 2022, allá vamos.

You lead me find out those things my friend...thank you very much

Felicidades, tu entrega y trabajo trae muchos frutos, espero te sientas bien.

Thank you very much my friend

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