Time Lapse Illustrating process

in steemitartists •  2 years ago 

A video of my illustrating process. Damn I really need to make more of these. It's not much of a philosophy, but I do enjoy the sensation of the traditional material. Enjoy!

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I crazy love this! Bravo 👏🏼

nice work @itsdatneighbour, i love to watch other artists at work. Upvoted and following :)

Wow, that’s a pretty nice video, Diana! The artwork is great too, obviously 😻.
I notice that when you’re using watercolour, you actually stood or staying away from your drawing? That’s very interesting. If someone watches me drawing in real, it wouldn’t be so interesting because my head would be few centimetres above the paper ^^.

That book has the same size with the one I’m using, but I wonder if yours is specially made for watercolour?

Thank you for sharing your art process, I had fun looking 😚.

-upvoted and resteemed-

Wow! Just awesome!