Famous Last Words page 1 and page 2


The first 2 pages of a short story I've been working on for the past week. It's for a comic contest in Czech republic. I was afraid that I won't make it on time. The topic was "The Last Tree" and I already had a personal story that was on my mind and just took the opportunity to be as honest as I could be. The page limit was small enough for me to put myself together and tell what I need straigh forward in a smaller format.
I'll keep uploading the rest of the pages here on Steemit just like previous times.
Stay tuned for more!


wooooooow i love this, Diana, the dialog and the arts are both so wonderful and full with meanings <3 the colours are your usual dreamy palette and I love that russet red against your grungy blue so much * ___ *

Good opening, it makes me want to read more. That's not easy to achieve. Well done. 😉

I'm hooked!
Looks really intriguing, wan t to see MOAR hehe

I really like your art style @itsdatneighbour

very well done, great flow though the panels!