Bigger than us (Finished)

in steemitartists •  last year 

001 copy 2.jpg

Finally I managed to save up some time and get this in color. It was one of the most fun things to do the past week.
I much more capable of finding and playing with textures than before. Gives to any work a lot more finishing touch, almost like working with traditional media.

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I love this. It does have a traditional media look.

Beautiful design, it's very cute and creative, well done! 😊

Great piece... very nice work @itsdatneighbour!

Gorgeous piece, Diana ! This one really nailed the title so well :> The ghosts are even bigger than mountains and forests !!! <3


Yeah, these creatures come in all kind of sizes, sometimes they are like the weather.
The title is mostly inspired by this song:

I still am, but in my high school music I've had huge love for White Lies's songs.

Her expression looks a little upset so does it mean she's fighting with the ghosts? I like how you used the green and red on this picture :).


Wow amazing result!