STEEMIT ANTIPOLO: the birth, and The beginning of a simple legacy.

STEEMIT ANTIPOLO: the birth, and The beginning of a simple legacy.


Steemit is life changing. Would you believe that upon doing things that you love, such things are what you usually do on facebook and youtube, you can actually earn. By doing so, a group of people from Antipolo City, Philippines gathered together to serve the community. It's a pay it forward thing. From the portion of their collective earnings they receive upon using Steemit, they reach out to Grade 1 pupils of De La Paz Elementary School, Antipolo City, Philippines.They gave away school supplies which can be used for the daily school needs of the students.

Coming from their personal experience of lack of school supplies when they were still studying, brings forth the idea of the first ever STEEM SHARE OF STEEMIT ANTIPOLO.


The Philippines is a third world country. Not all children were able to go to school. To the majority that is going to school every day, having enough school supplies on a daily basis is not perfectly addressed. Imagine a student who has a sheet of paper and most of his classmate will ask a piece from him in every situation they need it. Yes. truly it happens. And, it is a normal thing on public schools. So dare not put out your entire sheet of paper out on your table or else it will not last a week. This is also true for public high school students. Yours truly experienced it as well as the other members of Steemit Antipolo. From this personal experiences uproots an outreach program which started just from mere chattings of a group of friends.

[a cathcing up turned into a meeting]

While laughing at those kinds of experiences, some said that hopefully children of today may not be in that same situation. Then another said why not let's give those children what they need. Then the others agreed and so on until they come to an accord of making it a reality.

[2nd meeting]z.png

A good deed will surely grow. Upon knowing what is the purpose of gathering together of these group of friends which is lately kind of unusual, more and more friends came up and commit to joining to the said purpose. Millennials are known for always in the action. Creativity is supplied by good works. By the word of mouth, members grew rapidly. As they always say," the more the merrier". Such good spirited activity became a tool for this group of people to unite once again after being separated from personal life activities. Bonding with a purpose indeed.

[3rd unplanned meeting]184.jpg

Meeting after meeting even unofficial once, that is an unexpected conversation, people keep on coming for a common reach out. These people are just ordinary ones... of no professional background, of no masteral degrees, of no government position, not an NGO either. They are just plain citizens with a heart of sympathizing those at the bottom like them. A portion of their earnings would not be of hurt for someone being more hurt. It was unexpected that this group will grow rapidly. Bonded by a common good, there they go and planned everything.

[4th meeting]


"Okay, an official project is upcoming. So how should we call ourselves?", someone out of nowhere asked. A good point it is. There where suggested names of the group. Some uprooted from the activities they were up to. Hurricanewolves, which was a combination of the two organization which comprises the group. Antipolo Steemians, which is a good one ...describing what is common in the group. Steemers, which is another nice one. Until Steemit Antipolo was suggested, voted and finalize. Thus, Steemit Antipolo was born. Steemit Antipolo, a name that will propagate in its own hometown Antipolo. We may be limited as of now but for sure we will grow as enormous as our dreams.


This is the first ever steemit based group in Antipolo City, Philippines. It will not just be an organization for money making nor a group aiming towards success in various fields especially Steemit but it is a group that will be known for reaching out even in a small way. As a saying goes, "only empty hearts would not know how to reach out not empty pockets". And this is the mission of Steemit Antipolo. No single man has the capacity of not giving. Aside from treasure, we can also give share our knowledge, effort and time. Our mission is to warm people's hearts with an act of kindness and to help other people with the little we are.


Steemit Antipolo envisions a society of giving, sharing and caring that no small act of random kindness is left in vain. Rather it will be remembered and will make a mark in the hearts of fellow dreamers. Yes, because all of us are dreamers. We envision a chain of kindness that will be pass on and on until time possible. This is our legacy.


Choosing among who will receive the gifts was a fast deliberation. To start from the most in need was a good point. So the group came up in choosing Grade 1 students of a public school. From where the group lives in, they are surrounded by public schools. But they chose of serving the one not often seen. That is the De la Paz Elementary School. In addition to that, one of the members of the group is a graduate of the said institution. Witnessing the sad situation first hand, made the deliberation a success.


Before anything else, of course, the first thing to do is to ask for permission from the school principal about the outreach project. Ms. Evangeline R. Quibuyen, the school principal, agreed to conduct the event on Feb 12, 2018 Monday at the school covered court.
After the granted permission came the purchasing of the school supplies at a local bookstore. Followed by repacking of it. The group of members worked full force for this despite their busy schedule, personal and family responsibilities and commitments.

Feb 12, 2018 was marked on the calendar. No matter what activity everyone was up to in their own lives, that day is Steemit Antipolo Day. That day is an outreach day. Of course, few sacrifices were made for the glory of humanity.




The purpose was just a payback. Out of gratefulness, this activity was materialized. But the members of Steemit Antipolo experienced beyond that.

They gathered at 9 am at the said venue. As they place the supplies on the table, sparkling eyes can be seen from the little angels of the school. Happiness was filling the covered court. Never knew that so simple gift will bring that much joy to the kids. The excitement was blatant. Endless thank you's were pouring, coming out from the lips of honest young ones. What can be a greater joy than that?

There were two sessions of gift giving, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. One at 9am and one at 11am. It was a very smooth flowing activity. It was very well organized. Despite the excitement, everyone is in harmony.Two sets of children exhibited same reactions. Outpouring love can be experienced. A feeling that cannot be explained. Never know that as simple as it is for each kid, upon receiving their supplies, they were jumping some wondering but of much more there was love. A celebration of humanity. School teachers were of great gratitude too. Warming words made us feel appreciated. Phrases of affirmation confirmed our vision. These strengthen us that we will be continuing our labour.


Making others happy is also a source of joy and satisfaction for the self. We went there and conducted the event to make others happy but the intention bounce back to us a thousandfold. We went there to make others feel appreciated but we were more appreciated. Smiles, thank you's, taps and pats were overwhelming. Memories that will forever be printed in our heart and tattooed in our minds.


It was all so sudden that we didn't realize that the activity was already finished. The first Steemit Antipolo was a success!. The mission and vision was accomplished. And, this is just the beginning!




this community was realy great and amazing and im so bless to be a part of it. through this community it could help everyone from the simple thing and willingly without hesitation. and we will send our gratitude to those who send us help to make this community really more strong and widen not only here in antipolo. for all the members that part of this community and for all the members that could come for it. GOD BLESS US ALL guys.. GOOD JOB...

wow very well said :)

thank you so much @steemitantipolo its my pleasure

Good work... I hope you can be great community and.. Good job for my brother @ruah

thanks for support @arie.steem

WHOAAAAAA great iniative to have a charity that is powered by steemit. Here in Cebu we also make some events like that :)

we will be happy to witness such events too. Mabuhay Steemit Pilipinas

Hello @steemitantipolo, i'm Geri from Quezon City. I was just checking trending topics here in the Philippines and I was so glad I saw your post popped up! Continue what you guys are doing. I'm so proud of you :)

I just followed and upvoted you as well. Enjoy!

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas Kabayan. We have much to offfer. Steem on Kabayan

nice, ang galing , lumalaki na talaga ang komunidad dyan sa antipolo. =) Good luck.. May you continue to grow. Upvoted and Resteemed.

salamat sa Diyos. Salamat din kabayan sa iyong papuri :). Mabuhay ang Steemit

thank you

Hopefully this community be great and known to the whole world! Good work! @ruah

Thank you so much for the good luck and compliment sir @yandot

please follow me

Congratulations on your very first STEEM SHARE OF STEEMIT ANTIPOLO! With the smiles of those kids, I can say that they are very thankful and happy that they’ve been shared of your blessings. God Bless!

Upvoted and Resteemed.

Hi @josephace135 thanks for your wonderful comment.

please follow me

I want to make a collection for children with cancer in my country. Does someone help me?

i advise to make an article about this. That can be a start :)

si si pero casi nadie me ayuda

Thankful to be part of This project Hoorayyy!

lets get it on

thanks to steem antipolo for the good deed to elementary students from philippines god will allways bless us>
proud stemians antipolo yahoooooooooooooooooo

I am greatfull to be part of this STEEMIT ANTIPOLO Community.. thanks for the help of people (uplines) behind of this team, thank you for the guide and support to us uplines.. god bless and more POWER to us

someday all of this will be returned a hundred folds. So keep it up guys

opo .salamat po .amen

I'm thankful because i'm one of this project :D :D :D

thankful to have you too

Yes!! Go Go Go..this is what we want to see from Filipino Steemians.

We only just began. hehe. Mabuhay Pilipinas

Wow, truly amazing! Best of luck Steemit Antipolo!
That's why I love Steemit!

thank you so much for the support

Congrats @ruah and the team. Support! :)

thank you for the appreciation madam @rosatravels

Thankful to be part of This project
because i'm one of this project :D :D :D

and will always be

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thank you so much

good job guys

Thank you. Steem on :)

Awww this is heartwarming! Makes me proud that I’m Antipolonian too. Thank you for trying to make the world a better place. ❤️

lets make it one day at a time :) salamat kabayan

It is really nice to seeing new communities in different countries/cities. I hope it will be great everything for you and your community @ruah. If you want you can talk about being a sndcastle with @sndbox.

Nice sharing.... I love what you have done...

Thank you so much @rooney. Heart warmng compliment

Thank you for this @pushup :). Bless you .

Hi! #antipolo! i'm from cainta rizal tho. but i studied at lasalle college antipolo in my highschool days. i'm glad to see people from antipolo actively supports steemit. cheers!

we only just began. Thank for this affirmation. Lets steemon for a better coomunity

Sub-communities are excellent program the Philippines needs. Welcome to Steemit guys! :)

thank you for the warm welcome :)

thanks. we've only just began

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This is so wonderful to see! You go steemit antipolo. Keep growing. We are so so proud of all of you!!!!

Thank you so much for this wonderful compliment. Yes we will be continuing what we are doing

congrats po...this is so noble...eto talaga ang tinawag na bayanihan...sharing of blessings...continue to inspire others po...

Salamat kabayan. Mabuhay tayong lahat

Being part of this amazing Team here in Antipolo was really makes me proud! We're just a simple citizen and not of a kinda "Rich Kid". We don't know that we are capable of giving some little gifts for them on all Students of Grade 1 in Elem. School. Lesson,even you are the smallest person on the Earth you can share your love or blessing on a simplest way,the most important of it,you will doing it with all of your Heart! God bless our Team and all the supporters of this Little Community to create a BIG contributions and sharing the blessings in our Community here in Antipolo! Thank you and God bless to all of us ^_^ Mabuhay Team Antipolo!

you are right
a small act of kindness goes a long long way

I admire your team for the initiative! For paying it forward to those in need and sharing your blessings in order to spread the good word. I wish your team all the best so you can inspire more young people in the future!

Amen. All for the glory of God. Thank you @sonofsatoshi

What a Noble Act...Keep it up @steemitantipolo!

Thank you so much @tobaloidee. This is just the beginning :).

May God bless your community endlessly so you can help more of those in need :)

thank you so much

im happy and thanful to be part of steemitantipolo! gOD BLESS and keep it touch steemians....

and so as we :) thank you

You are doing a great work!

all for the glory of god and humanity :)

Good job steemit antipolo im proud of you keep it up.

you can also delegate sbd or steem to steemit antipolo to help it continue its project. It would be higly appreciated :)

Congratulations for the good job done!

thanks @plokmi for the support,

Congrats @SteemitAntipolo thank you for your humbleness beggenings i am very thankful to be part of this community i will participate my role to be a good individual to help and to serve my service to other people and to help to growth our community. god bless and more power to all of us.. thank you again steemit :)

go go go ..we only just begun

So did the teacher inquire you guys about steemit, have you convinced some of them to you use steemit as a platform for helping?

I am a a teacher in shs in public school.

I will follow you, and upvote and resteem.

good post.

steemit ph footer.JPG SteemitFamilyPH-Batangas

of course we did. Thank you for the support.

Keep it coming @steemitantipolo.

It's always good to give back to the community for all the blessings that we have received from Steemit. Hope that our little efforts will encourage every one to spread the love and share the blessings especially to those who need it.

Keep it up! And more blessings.

You are absolutely right sir @shoganii. Looking for future programs. Steem on

God bless to all.

thank you. May God guide us every step of the way

Great to see Antipolo on Steemit!! You guys are off to a fantastic start and I can't wait to see you guys grow and progress.

If your lead can please DM me on Discord I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

thank you so much for this wonderful compliment @bearone

hi guys i came from antipolo and i didnt notice na may group pla ng steemit sa antipolo. gusto ko sana magjoin and be a part of your mission and vision. nice work and good job mga mam and sir @steemitantipolo

Hi, @grayhaunds please contact @ruah on discord, his Username is Ruah#8057

ok sir i will contact him.mabuhay mabihay ang antipolo