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                                                          GLOBAL UNITY

The song “MILE SUR MERA TUMHARA” was first aired in the year 1988 on Indian National Television. Since then Indian National Television started to broadcast it frequently for quite a long time as endorsed by the Indian Government.

The song says, “Mile sur mera tumhara, to sur bane HUMARA! Sur ki nadiyan har disha se behke sagar mein mile, badalon ka roop lekar barse halke halke.” The raw translation of the lyrics could be read as, “Let my tune and your tune merge to become OUR tune! Let tunes from different streams (rivers) from every direction dive into the ocean, then let them take the formation of cloud to spray the rain of unity.”
As we all know India as a Nation has got several languages and a diverse culture. So here in this video you can see people from differents parts of the country are repeating the same lyrics in their own language native language while wearing the traditional wear.

Almost 20 years later a new version of the song was made again.

While I was listening to the songs today, I just thought something which I want to share.

How about making a song with a message of GLOBAL UNITY which might become the STEEM ANTHEM as well.
What we can do is, we just make a video in our own languages with a certain decided lyric and a Steemian with a good video editing skill can compile (UNITE) it.

If you want this to happen kindly RESTEEM for a faster execution.




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Ha hahaaa. You know, I waited a long in front of the TV screen to watch "Mile Sur Mera Thumara" in 1988. I was about 13 years old that time.

Having a Global Anthem for steem will be great, will work as a glue to keep all steemians together and proud.

Yes! I was aged four that time. It was just a song for me for several years until I could understand the deep integrated meaning.
I too think the same Manjit! We must do this.
Since my expressions are not that good while I write I hardly get an audience for what I say. Yet, I'm hopeful about sharpening my skill with the course of time.
But regarding this post let me bank on you and @mindhunter to spread the word.

Will do my best on it Rishi !!

Either other people are not interested or my reputation score and my writing quality is the reason for fewer number of audience.
May I request you Manjit to come up with this idea in one of your upcoming posts. I really feel like we must spread the message of global unity.
When I was a kid my mom told me a short story - Once Guru Ramdas went near the river along with his disciples for the SURYA PRANAAM as his daily routine but instead of performing the SURYA PRANAAM he looked at the SUN once then his surroundings and then started to walk, his disciples followed him. He didn't stop and entered the village of the untouchables, while entering the village his disciples tried to stop him but he didn't listen. Upon seeing Guru Ramdas, one man namely BHAAJAN from the village of untouchables touched the land from a certain distance without touching Guru Ramdas and showed his gratitude for entering the village. However, Guru Ramndas went infront of the man and hugged him while and said - "TODAY I UNDERSTOOD THE MEANING OF SURYA PRANAAM! WE JUST WORSHIP THE SUN BUT WE NEVER TAKE LESSON FROM IT. THE SUN NEVER DISCRIMINATES PEOPLE WHILE SPREADING IT'S RAYS, AND NEITHER SHOULD ANYBODY."
I don't know how much contextual the story is with Global Unity, yet just thought to share it with you. Every time I read something about racial or religious violence I remember this story. Just thought to share it with you.

I am working on it Rishi, and I will do it as a promotion post for your blog!

Glad to hear that Manjit! :)

Great Idea! What a great way to show the unity of steemit as a global initiative. :D

:) Let's plan for it @acedt

great post

Nice Idea brother, This will even help Steemit to come in the light as many don't even know the existence of this site. I will also contribute in that anthem.

Good to see your interest. Publish your ideas for execution with tag "steemitanthem" .

What a wonderful steps you took. @rishi2184 . Like i did and still working it.. I am doing my facebook rally to get more friends to this great sites. We are moving and kindly don't stop. God bless

Let's work together and contribute something to the human civilization. Let us spread the message of unity. Let us not use our language, religion or race as a tool to act against humanity. Rather let us find unity in diversity.

Resteemed and 100% upvoted. Thank you for using my service!
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