My Mother Saying "Thank You" To All Of You ♡

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Happy sunday everyone ^__^ I just wanted to share this simple thanksgiving of my mother fo all your support and prayers for her. Finally she's home after almost 2 weeks of confinement in the hospital.


Though she is not 100% okay but she can now move and walk along. There are still so many tube connected to her stomach to fully release those fluids inside her body.


My mother is so thankful to all of you and to our God for giving her another chance of life to live. As of now there were still a lot of medicines she should take and many foods to avoid since she has no more bile already or apdo.

May you continue to help other people who are in need like how you extend help for my mother. God bless you and may this steemit live long ♡

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I wish and pray for her fast healing and recovery...


Thanks @joshvel



Si marsha.

We are very happy to see that your mother is now okay. We hope to see more positive progress on her health. We pray for you and your family to have strength in this battle. God bless and more power!


Thanks to God maam @shairanada progress to my mother. Thanks maam ;(

Well done. Thanked god. Blessed all of you. X


Yes maam. Thank to God what He done. And thanks to God whome God use to help those people who ned help

thanks God.,


Morning sir. This is the update sako mama. Not totally heal but hapit na. I update pa pod siya sa doctor. Salamat sir @g10a

just stay beside your mother


Yes boss. Until