Poem 04 :" WHAT IF?"

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"One should never live with regrets or with 'what if.' I've loved the good times, and I have learned from the bad. All in all, it's been a pretty fabulous life for me."

" What If"

What if things are still the same like we used to?
Would you do what you always did?
What if you’re still in my mind?
Am I still be the same person twirling in your mind too?
What if we still eat together?
Would you still cook my favorite food?
What if I clutch your hand again?
Would you hold mine too?
What if I never told you I was not happy anymore?
Would you still linger making me happy?
What if I never felt like I’m alone?
Would you still endure making me feel that way?
What if I never tired loving you?
Would you still hurt me the same way?
What if I never walk away?
Would you at least appreciate my presence?
What if I still love you?
Would you even care?

Thank you for reading my poem!
Until next time steemians!

Much Love and Respect,

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thank you so much :)