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I've been very addicted to music because aside from the relaxation it gives, the lyrics can stimulate our stressed body and mind. Just like today, my activity is singing even if I have an eccentric voice. Music can cheer me up because of the rhythm.

According to the book "Linking the World Through English," music has topped the multi billionaire industry throughout the world. Thanks to the FM radios, cables, Internet, and Satellite as the pathways why all of us can tune in the songs we want. The magazines, newspapers, radio, and Television also give us an idea what songs have topped the chart. 

As we are always addicted to music, do you know that it can benefit a lot to our ears?

Impressive Benefit when Listening to a Song

Every day, we always hear many sounds in various tones, but we only pay attention to a rare sound. But if it is music, do we have an active listening? Our hearing sense is the same in looking at the specific object or person which is an automated sensing. Several people say they listen because they hear, but listening is not just catching the sounds. Listening focuses what is the sound that means to understand what we hear. If we hear, can we remember what we listen to? 

Listening music is a good exercise to our ears. Its power is its melody, interesting tunes, and pitches we don't have. If we favor a mediocre noise and talks, we're in monotony.

Visual Art and Music

Music and art are always connected and both relatable by doing the basic principles. The relevant rule is when the painter and composer led by their own principle of rhythm. The repetition of the song's melody can achieve the tune. In art, music can likewise be created if reproducing the lines, hues, and shapes.

Look at the picture above, if you translate the cut and pasted shapes, what is the rhythm? 

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music stimulates every inch of our human-hood.. it makes us happy, sad and even cry