Steemit Achievers Official Group Shirt is Now Ready to Rock! 😎

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Hi there steemians!

May I introduce to you our first #steemitachievers official shirt.

I am not a pro graphic designer/artist so please have mercy to my simple design LOL. You know what, it took 48 years for me to make this design completed and I’m glad our group leaders @long888, @birjudanak, @lebron2016 and @junebride agreed on it or maybe they just agreed ‘coz they felt pity for my effort LOL. Much thanks guys 😄.


I’m No Graphic Designer/Artist

I do have Photoshop CS6 application installed in my computer at the office (sshhhh please don’t tell to my boss he’ll kick me out LOL). But I also installed the vintage Photoshop CS3 since it makes me feel easier to manipulate compare to the latest one which is CS6 its kinda weird right? As I mentioned above I’m not a pro graphic designer/artist.


Here are the images that we use to be printed on our shirts. In the front of the T-shirt I have chosen the #steemitachievers banner text without the flags. I also included the #steem and #steemit logo to be placed in the left chest of the shirt, since the group Steemit Achievers is composed of lovely steemitans not only facebookers hehe.


Then the Steemit Achievers logo is placed on the upper back area of the shirt. Below of the Steemit Achievers Logo is the steemit user ID. Then sir @long888 decided to have a promotion text to be included at the back. So I made an infographic template just on wednesday then showed it to him I’m so glad he gave me a high five on it LOL. So that’s it the simple design is ready to Rock 'N Roll and be printed on the shirts.


Looking for a Printing Shop

Since yesterday is Thursday and our office time is just until 2:30 in the afternoon, we decided to go to Ballad the center of Jeddah where most of the expats are doing their shopping specially Filipinos. Sir @long88, @tjcdc and I went there at 4:00PM ready for the battle and the first thing we did was looking for a printing shop.





We hit the jackpot we found this guy his name is Salman from Ethiopia. After negotiation LOL he started printing the design on the transfer paper as the initial procedure prior to printing or transferring it on the shirt.




Here are the transfer papers with all the designs missing the pretty 180 degrees Celsius plate and ready to be transferred on the shirt!





Look at his assistant who did the final process, he operated the heat press machine. Before he started I asked him to hold the plate of the heat press if it’s really hot LOL and then he told me do it first and I will follow you hahaha clever guy right? That machine generates 180 degrees heat temp. to transfer the printable design from transfer paper to the shirt in less than a minute.







And it's all set done

So here’s the finished product 😄. It looks neat and clean on a white shirt, may be soon we will be using black shirt too as maam @lebron888 likes it. We will just need small changes of colors to be visible on a black shirts.



Hope you like our T-shirts!


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im so excited to have one!


we’ll be there very soon hehee

Congrats sir @g10a and sa tanang kauban nimo ani sir..
Nice jud. Excited nami hehe


hehehe see you soon buddy..

Pak na pak!!! Simple daw pero di lalim ang process uy!! Salamat mate for giving your free service sa katawhan sa #steemitachievers ! 👏👏👏👏👍


hehehe #steemitachievers blood is running inside my veins since we created it mate. bahalag mag ka dusmo-dusmo ko basta mahatagan lng silag free service mate lipay na sad ko., hehee

aw! ok ra pud nko dong @g10a papackage nlang ang akua dha hahaha.. nice one. magpaprint na pud ko ug ako dinhi...


hahaha ipa telegrama ra dong,.

Achievers represent! :)


sir have mercy., hahaha Im no good at it just practicing photoshop.

Can't wait to have one :) Naay pwede sa black t-shirt Sir? hehe


hehehe wla mn pru gam-an nato usbon ra mn ang color ana.,


yey! murag naa pd ganahan sa black na tshirt ani hehe

The best creation so far, in behalf of #steemitachievers group I would like to thank you for creating our stunning t-shirt design.

#steemitachievers rocks!


Thanks for trusting our produt sir @long888 aw hahahaha thanks for the help as always sir long.

It seems you have put in a lot of effort while reaching it. Keep it up.


thank you buddy.,


My pleasure dear

Nice one sir! :) mka excite makakuha ani na shirt hohoho :)


hehehe available na ang raw file para s shirt printing sir naa sa chat room nato., naay link ddto.,


Bag o rsad nko na open ang group page. Woohh ask ko ni ni ate @kneelyrac para sa steemitachievers iligan community sad.. :)

That’s awesome! 💕 you are a Hard worker my friend!


hello maam @soykatonline, thanks for dropping by maam., Im sure you have another new songs to be submitted.,

I liked it! Can you reproduce plenty of it so we can buy? :)


mam I'm offering the design for free., You may grab the raw file in our chat room I shared the links of the file. :)


wow. Thank you. I will try to ask my friends here on what to do to get the link because I really don't know. :) But thanks anyway!

thank you kau sir sa imong paghmo sa logo.. and the design!! woot woot!


salamat pd maam sa pag salig sa among producto aw., hahaha salamat nga nisugotra mos design hehehe

Who told you can't do design? Do not underestimate yourself :)
Great job.
Little correction needed I think. I think it will be 48 hours instead 48 years :)


HAHAHAHA Doctor you made my day.!!! if you are just here in Jeddah wallah believe me I will pay for your shirt even if I dont have to eat as long as I can offer you a free shirt., God Bless Doctor.

yay... i want mine !!! did you introduce steem to the printing guy? hehe he might have been curious what #steemitachievers is all about!

btw, cute kau tan awon cla sir murag mga mannequin


aw haaha yup maam we introduced it and he has the copy of the file so he can use it for another Steemit Achievers Jeddah KSA chapter. hehehe sir @long888 mentioned it in his post.,

Your post is very good



LODI nice to see you three. Great pics and GREAT DESIGN! Mukhang game na game din ang mga printing guys. Haha.


GAME na GAME jud kaau na sila LODI, akong nawong kay mura na pd ug kalahi nila hahahaa

Nice siya.. Gusto ko din nyan 😄

astig. Kailan magiging available sa pinas? :)


available na ang design sir @coolector 😊

You said that you are not a pro, but looking at the designs you created made me think otherwise! Ang galing sir Gio! Thanks for all ur efforts and for doing it for free! Im excited to have mine! 😍


Hehehe I was not planning to post how I made it coz #steemit is a nest of all pros in different fields and in this field Im just a chick hiding my under my hen’s feather. hahaha pru salamat at napuri nyo pa rn. walang anoman sana may magpapaprint dn nyan.. para marami tau. hehe


Of course, ang galing naman kasi! 👏 Aq I want. Nasa group chat naman ung soft copy ng design sir?

you always have the best content

Good to see all your faces, guys! Awesome shirts and pogi faces combo. I'll have my SA shirt made soon! Go, go, go soar high and be an inspiration!


hehehe boss, me just funny face.. yay go go go magpadaghan ta..

sir send na post na po ba 'to sa fb page? yung design hehe para maka print pud mi haha..nice kay sir..


hello maam naa sa diacord server nkapin ang link s file grab lng.. hehe paprint na maam para daghan nta ay..

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Iba jud pag model. Wow super awesome friend. Hehe


hehehe ayaw saba maam kay madakpan ta.,

I really like your T-shirts 😍


oh thank you., :)

WOW its so nice. . . sana mag karoon din ako nyan. ..


hehehe syempre free for grab lng ung design nasa GC or sa discord server ng SA.

Oh so that's the story. Cool!

mo order unya ko og shirt