Scam Alert #2 - I was Scammed 663.843 SBD - Update For You - Enjoy with Troy!

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This is an update regarding the scam of 663.843 SBD taken from my wallet Friday morning, along with 22.641 tokens and a trashed bandwidth, vote and scammed comments I was victim to.


I contacted blocktrades where gtg.witnsses and good-kama traded my 663.843 SBD. It was traced twice from Romania, once in Switzerland and once in Amsterdam. The general belief is that it's from Romania. With a decentralized currency and platform and the global aspect, it is much harder to have justice done and find recourse to the stolen SBD. Below is the screen shot of the conversation.

Screen shot block trades.png

The Wallet

Here is a screen shot of the their movement of the money from the wallet to blocktrades. And I would ask is it smart to have an open wallet where anyone can see it? Would you do that in public with your wallet, debit or credit card? Yet in the decentralized world of crypto we lay our wallets wide open for any thief to help themselves to. Are we that naive? Some of us including myself use this as a supplement to our meager income as our livelihood.

Screen shot walle.png


From my grateful and tearful heart, I appreciate and love you!

I never thought I would be writing this post or telling this story. I am sad, depressed, in tears and angry ... and even feel raped ...all in the same moment and here is why.


My account was compromised March 2, 2018 at about 9.15 AM . Good-kama took 22.641 of my steem tokens and gtg.witnesses took a whopping 663.843 of my SBD. I was able to save my steem power before they got to that. I also got a new master key for my account. By redirecting me to rather than steemitcom, they were able to take my funds. In the process they delegate all my crypto to power their bots. I believe they are trading the money on blocktrades. Sadly I have always used my master key rather than my posting key. I did not even know there was a posting key.

Here is a link to a post that has some screen shots and explains the hack/phishing info.

I would add that they spammed a number of comments and used my account. I contacted @guiltyparties on the #steemitabuse channel of steemitchat was gracious to help me out. I was able to delete most of them with the exception of four comment of which are still flagged and my reputation was compromised. I am still a 59. Finally they exceeded the bandwidth so my upVote has been trashed for seven days at least.

images (9).png


I am at a loss of how to proceed. We have contacted [email protected] us. I do not know what else I can do. Any suggestions?


Never be logged in with your master key unless you absolutely need to.
Use your posting key for comments and writing post.
Use your active key for wallet transactions.
You will find them in your wallet section of your Steemit account.
Make triple sure that the web address is Steemit before you click.
If something looks spammed or phishing like, it probably is.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about in the above statements do a search and get to know what they mean, or ask a friendly minnow/dolphin/whale to point you in the right direction. Don’t put this off.


I want to take a moment to thank @guiltyparties in steemitchat for his help. I also want to thank @sighmanjestah for all his selfless help. I so appreciate you Rick. Also a word of thanks to @nonameslefttouse, @soundlegion, @readallaboutit, @canadian-coconut.@thethreehugs, @hope777 and @wilx. You are all wonderful folks for whom I am blessed to know.


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This is one of the downfalls of digital currency. Just to be safe, I NEVER click on an untrusted link (i.e. a link that is not familiar to me. I also am very sceptical of bots and following them. I have only been given reason not to trust them.

Well said words. I have learned also the hard and expensive way. Hopefully we can educate others so they will not have to suffer this. Thanks for your words. I will be making at least two more post s on this subject.

Mate, I was gutted to read about this the other day and I gave you a big mention in my last post(hope you don't mind the pic I chose...)
I don't earn a lot of sbd but will support your work as much as possible. This is a shit situation and it made me very worried about security. Thanks for putting up the warning post for everyone to learn from. You have my upmost respect for how you've handle this. I imagine there were a few swear-words at first.... Take care bud and I hope the dick-ed gets his/her comeuppance.

Thank you so much. Yes It has been an emotional roller coaster but i am working through it. I do not understand why folks have to be so evil. They misrepresent others on steemit and then create a duplicate site to scam their money. I truly appreciate your kindness and your friendship and above all your prayers. We need to get the word out to help protect others. A friend of mine picked up on this story and is creating three blogs on it. Here is his link. You may enjoy reading it. Again thanks for your kindness. It means the world to me. Blessings - Troy

bless you buddy, it is only money at the end of the day and if they want it that badly then more fool them for putting it above everything else. Good luck on your road back to security.

I was disgusted to hear of this!I'm so sorry... I hope something can be done about this kind of crime...I hope they catch them..

With a decentralized platform it is not possible to catch them. There is no authority to police this. One must protect themselves, educate others and support each other so this does not happen as often or at all. Thanks and blessings @lellabird60 - Troy

This is a shame, I didnt knew this could happen to my steemit account, I will follow all of your tips, pal. I would help you if I could, you have my vote and resteem.

For that I am grateful. Yes one must protect themselves. I did not know all of this and I was scammed and hacked. Hope and pray you are not. Thanks. - Blessings - Troy

This is awful! I feel for you man! I resteemed for you!

Thank you so much for the resteem and kind words. Yes it can happen here.

That's so sad and awful. I think I might never look at steemit if this happens to me. This is so horrible! why do some people destroy others happiness for their own good? God, the world is so cruel. Please stay strong, I'm sure you'll have some good news in the future. Please receive my small gift. Wish I could do more to help you.

Thank you so much my kind fiend. Yes I ask the same questions. Why do folks have to be so selfish and cruel. I felt raped and taken advantage of. And for what? i lost $2,000 in value and it will take months to recoup. I have learned several lessons and more about steemit good and bad. Some folks like you have been loving and gracious and for that i am grateful. Blessings - Troy

That's very sad man... I am new to steemit and don't know about the keys yet, but i also have nothing to steal, so. But I have a sollution, maybe... I used to hang about with the anon crew and they made me very alert as they were always trying to hack me, also via bad links. So i adopted this method: I copy the link into a sandboxed TOR browser. This, i think, will stop this kind of hack in it's track??? If i am wrong please tell me, i'd hate to find out another way... :D

Thank you for mentioning me dear Troy. We don't understand all things but we know that God will work everything out for your good. I pray that you will be richly blessed and will get back what was taken from you. Bless that people that stole from you, I know it is difficult, but sometimes that produces miracles.
I used to keep my SBD in my wallet for about a month and cash it out then, but nowadays I only keep it for a few days. Get it out sooner than later. Feeling more safe with the money in my bank account.

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i'm sorry for the loss. This scam is especially very ingenious, because most people won't see the very subtle difference between the website names. This is one of the reasons why i bookmark all my important sites - so i only click on bookmarks while going there, not any other link.