Train Experience Kept on Suspense

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Growing up, I have always heard people talk about their experiences on trains which gets my attention from time to time because I have not entered a train before. So.........., as much as I wanted to have one myself, I always held back because the trains I see that pass bye my house (in Port Harcourt environment to be precise) is not enticing at all, they look very old, warn out, they are just there and that alone discourages me a lot, it does not allow you crave for having any or wanting to use it for any reason.

You can imagine the biiiiiiiiiig difference between the old ancient trains and the modern ones we have now, the difference is much.

All the same when I see trains in foreign movies I feel like being in it, just for the experience sha. Guess what? I traveled to a new environment where I have been with a friend for a while now working things out. One day I saw on one of my group chats someone posted informations about using trains to travel to very far distances and it caught my attention so I called her to make enquiries hoping to use the informations when necessary so that same week my friend came back from work talking about the experience she and her kids had entering a train for excursion (because she is a teacher) everything sounded so trilling and she laid emphases on how beautiful the train was, also came with some pictures she took so I told myself one more time that I was going to go for this no matter what, only for me to call the train station with so much excitement to know what their booking amounts were like and the difference between paying for the general section and the executive because I actually wanted to relieve the moment (now I needed to travel) only to here that the engine of the train that travels to the destination I wanted to go to, have been bad since last year, so for now they don't go that way. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Please be sincere to me if you were in my shoes 160305749.jpg what will you do and how would you feel?

I felt so disappointed.

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Lol... 😁😁
I've not entered a train before shaaa. But when I see it on screens, it seems thrilling and worth trying out.

If I was in your shoes, I will just be hopeful, another day will come.

I bet it's worth trying out. I've only seen a stationed train. Would love to be thrilled by it soon.

Nice post. Keep it coming

If I were in your shoes, I'd book to and fro for another destination,since it's just for the experience. Nigeria is big