A Birthday of a Man of Integrity

in steemit9ja •  2 years ago 

Once upon a time, a man by the Dave Banigo was born into this world and there was great rejoicing everywhere not knowing or having any clue as to what the future holds for him.

This man began to grow from his tender age into a youth and now a man, guess what, through the years I have watched him to be a straight forward personality, a man of great honor, integrity, honesty, patience, tolerance, temperance, a man of great wisdom, in fact words are not enough to describe this personality and today happens to be his birthday, please let's give it up for him, help me celebrate him, he is someone I respect so much and I hold him in high esteem, he has a good heart. Help me say happy Birthday to him.......... FB_IMG_1489345072199.jpg

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He is indeed a man of great reputation