This post is very must be good so I am going to vote on it

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What is good content?

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Scrolling through my feed I found this short post from @baerdric View counter : I can take a hint - eventually.

It's a short post with no images yet it had 28 views, 33 votes, the potential payout was 0.07 at the time but it had 46 comments. That level of engagement is a lot more than most of the top trending posts not counting the ones from @Steemsports (which by the way 99% of the comments on those posts are just people typing the name of the team they are voting on).

Don't get me wrong I like the Steemsports stuff. Most of them have a really good presentation of the events and you get more than a curation reward from them (some of the translations could be better)

I know people will say that the definition of good content is in the eyes of the beholder which is true.

Sometimes I think that humans are like cats, if we see something shiny or that it's moving we will pay attention to it.


In the spirit of @Breadric's post I am going to keep it short.

So @Braedric...don't despair, look for the cats and dangle the shiny thing in front of them :)

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