That is the goal of this upgrade. Now that we have the system working well we are able to focus on the user aspects more! Hope everyone likes where we are heading with this project it has been a lot of fun so far!

It certainly is! I'm now at rank 10! Yay

Yes, we did another smaller boost to prepare for the upgrade! You can read here:

I read! Cause i'm resteeming them as well! :D Hahaha. Thanks for the boost

We will be opening up to select members this weekend, the new release in beta mode to test everything out before we launch next week! If you would like to be on the list let us know!

You can count me in. :) Let me know wat I should do.

I'll be sure you get the notification with the hidden link to the beta (it is currently alpha) ;)

Thanks, u can dm me on discord as well :)

I want to participate aswell :)

hi @shadowbot my account on ShadowBot and blocked I am wondering if he has a problem

Did you reset your password/keys?