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The @paywithsteem team have been really quiet for quite awhile because we have been doing a lot of things behind the scenes. Hopefully, when the time comes, we'll be able to reveal it all to you. Over the next few weeks would be a crucial time for us as we've already BEGUN OUR DEVELOPMENT of the new site. With phase 1 in progress, you can head on over to see our current landing page. A sneak peek for your patience :)


Coming to you soon

What's new?

Well, some of you who've followed @paywithsteem account closely or have even used our paywithsteem site before this would've known that we were riding on shopify. This has indeed limited us in many ways. We wanted to create a place like Amazon where you can purchase your items paying with STEEM. We later faced many hiccups along the way.

Slow delivery time
Though dropshipping is very convenient as the system and the dropshipping company handles ALL logistics for you, the only concern was the LONG delivery time. Their warehouse are mostly situated in China and Russia but the items take roughly 20 days and more to arrive at your doorstep. We knew this was a problem because we didn't want our customers to miss having their birthday gifts, anniversary gifts late on their special day.

Quality not assured
Using the dropshipping companies, we can never really guarantee the quality of the products until they arrived on hand to our beloved Steemians. There were a lot of 'what-ifs' when it comes to this. What if the items arrive, it is broken? The time that is going to take the customer to refund/exchange the product will probably take another 1 to 2 months?

No branded items
Due to a lot of legalities, a lot of the dropshipping products are of an unknown brand or a brand you've never heard of. That is how you can get products really cheap. @btcvenom, @sam.hsuu and I wanted to have quality brands like Razer, Microsoft, Samsung and many other high end brands available for you.

So what did we do?

We've decided to scrap the whole site on shopify and re-create a new system and a brand new website that will benefit Steemians and encourages the trading of Steem. This will no doubt help improve Steemit's ecosystem and hopefully impact the price of STEEM in the market. When the site is up, I will definitely create a more detail walkthrough of our whole paywithsteem system. For now, let's just say you can purchase amazon items ;)

Potential Investors

We are currently debating selling some stake in PAYWITHSTEEM LTD. We are not sure if we 100% will be selling any as of yet but we are trying to figure out if people would be interested. Or if you want to know how you can support this initiative, you can contact btcvenom#6875 on Discord.

Do come over and follow our profile, @paywithsteem for the latest updates. A huge thank you from the @paywithsteem team for all support received!

Thank You

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Very interesting concept, that has become even more interesting now you’ve decided to take a different approach. Will be definitely following up


Thanks! I'm hoping everything goes smoothly :)

Intriguing project. Hats off to you for pursuing this venture...

Namaste, Jaichai


Thanks. Appreciate ur support.

This is exciting, do make a big shout out when you launch it ya!!!


Definitely! Would want everyone on Steemit to know :D

Wow.. this is exciting. Cant wait for the final product.


I can't wait also! Excited!






This is such a wicked cool idea, @zord189! Definitely keeping my eye on this project. Speaking of, do you have FB and Twitter accounts yet (the teaser page links aren't working, if so). Can't wait to see the finished result!


Haha thanks! I'm super stoked too!

We actually do have a twitter account not facebook yet Thanks for reminding. :D


You're welcome! I'll have to go stalk you.... errr, look for it now. Oh, and from what I can tell, the sub by email worked fine. 😊


Heheh, Thanks @traciyork. Always excited to see your name in the replies. :)

Wow-serz. You've been busy busy busy@zord189. Love this idea. Can't wait for this to go full steem ahead. All the best. ;)


Hehe, can't wait as well. I hope everything goes well. fingers-crossed

Wow.... This is going to revolutionize the whole online shopping experience because we can pay without cash!! Can't wait to see the "baby" you all are "pregnant" with!! Take all the time necessary to develop it, @zord189 and team! 💪💪💪


Hehe, I can't wait either! :D In few more weeks to come.

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