seems to be missing data after un-delegating many users of Steem Power

in steemit •  last year

Noticed something strange going on with accounts on Steemit and investigated further and found that everybody's account is showing a reputation of 25 with no bandwidth and no raw scores...

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 8.46.13 AM.png
(Ned's account - Steemit founder)

This isn't the case with the actual site, but I checked the wallet page and found my delegation gone.

Don't know what the issue is, but hope it's fixed soon. Thoughts?

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Hi @zoidsoft,

I noticed this un-delegation this morning, and just posted it a couple hours ago:

I suppose steemit is taking back delegated SP for new users or something like that. What I would have expected is to read some (official?) information notifying this would happen.


I’m glad you guys are talking about it. Between here and steemd I saw I wasn’t the only one with a 25 reputation but my activity showed an ‘undeligation.’ Admittedly, I don’t understand it all but since it’s not just me, I’ll assume everything will get worked out. Thanks fellas.


Thaks for your comment. The good news is that at this moment I see your reputation again in 41 :)
I checked your feed, looks interesting, I'm following you now.

Off and on the last couple of days, for just short spurts, I would get an error telling me I was out of bandwidth, and I hadn't done anything differently. Actually one of the days I had posted way less than I normally do. It was so frustrating because I was locked out of everything. I couldn't upvote, comment, post, and I couldn't do anything in my wallet either, as I considered buying a little Steem to see if that would fix the problem. I read that other people had this issue from time to time, but that the Steemit devs never really know it's happening because there is no way to post about it when it is actually happening. I guess I should have written a post about it once I was able to post again, but I had forgotten until now! I hope this doesn't continue to be a thing and that they figure this out!

I also think so

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