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There are many bot on the steemit platform i wil be giving my opinions on some of them. The pro's and cons and maybe a bit of my own crazy toughts. Most of the bots mentioned i used at some time and i might be using them stil. Others i stay away from.


The only system that does not require you to send in SBD more then once. You first send it a small ammount of SBD to register yourself. And then you can upvote one of your posts once every 12 hours. The vote isn't big by itself. But some big whales and nice people vote on everything minnowsupport votes. Look it up!


One of the most well know of them all. I stil consider it one of the best but i believe they should take out the minnow in the name. As of late they claim to no longer be a bot that just upvotes you. No No they claim to now get you in the trending part of the steemit blogs. And yes you could maybe get in there with there help. If you are able to upvote yourself for 10 SBD or more.

Or wait they even have a whitelist. To nearly guarantee you get in the trending. One small hickup you need to send them 100 SBD and you get a 160 SBD vote in return. Great but wich MINNOW got that cash laying around?


One of the best. The upvotes arn't what they used to be but if you do it as soon as you created your post you are sertan to make a small profit. They had some hickups latly with the bot sleeping 22 out of the 24 hours in a day. But that seems to be solved. And they are gouing strong.


If you want a small upvote and a resteem this is the bot for you. Depending on the power of the voters you make a small profit but if you want a resteem and all i need to be honest, you make a loss every time. So i stay with the 0.25 sbd vote system.


A strange system of getting the vote of the bot. And i wonder if anyone makes a profit with sending the bot 1 SBD. The only way to make a profit from this bot is by sending in the most SBD of the 2h20m and get the biggest vote. After wich a trail votes you up and you have a high probablity of making it into trending.


don't know much about it. Tryed it 2 times and i made a los. They get you 40 upvotes wich is nice. But frankly didn't make back even half of what i invested. Maybe if you wanne make trending this might help you. But thats about it.

Usefull link

everything else

Don't know much else, so share with me your hidden upvote secrets!

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Tnx fr info @zoef

Your welcome

I am new here so thank you very much for the info, I have only used @minnowsupport and so far it has gone well

keep getting bigger, and glad i could be of help.

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