Proof of Brain / Flagging / Steem Future (Video)

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Proof of Brain

In this video I talk about what is proof of brain how that effects us now and how we must take advantage on posting good content.


How flaggin is a necessary evil even though we as humans have the tendency to feel personally targeted.

Future of Steemit

The Future of steemit and how we should be powering up what ever we can when we can. In the long run it will be worth it.


Thanks very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

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Great video. I didnt know that many things like these are going on here. Thank you to make us aware about flagging etc. Keep up the good work and good luck :)

In both cases, the spelling is different. But a Starcraft reference... After the Brood Wars, where Zeratul killed the Second Overmind and Raszagal, he entered a self imposed Exile to contemplate his actions.


Still waiting my self to transform to a Dark Archon.

It's guaranteed to happen at 1,000,000 SP.

Just ask @ned


Good to see you video boss :)

Hey @zeartul,

Power up. Got it, thank you for helping me understand a little better. STEEM is just as volatile as other crypto! I liked that you weren't just talking about one thing, but covered several ideas. Everyone is trying to cash in on "flag war hype", and this was different. Just gotta believe in Steemit and keep posting, that I feel was a good positive message.


Very interesting, but please use tripod :)
I think that:

  1. Increasing the user base is good. More people mean more real economy and real market forces.
  2. Distributing the reward pool among more users will be not a problem in long run. As market forces increase the price of the steem will go up and getting 1 steem in the future (with price 10USD) will be better then getting 3 steem now (with current price 0.9 USD).
  3. What steemit lacks is real middle class (many and many dolphins) if there are 10 000 active users with SP over 5000 any SCAM or SPAM will be detected and punished in matter of hours. Bots are part of the solution. Yes bots are used to vote for anything but in long run quality will grow and will become the middle class of Steemit. And if you get so many people that care about quality content the price of STEEM will grow.