Facebook Alert! ---Zuckerberg gonna block Steemit posts--- Google+ Community

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This is the latest news about facebook want to ban cryptos:

The next step will be that all links about Crypto's will be blocked!
It will contain all Steemit links of course, what means all the Steemit facebook groups will be useless.

What to do?

I just created a new Google+ community and will tell my members in my CleanSteemit facebook group to join the new Google+ community CleanSteemit:

But every bad news has its good side!
Google+ has a huge advantage over facebook, the links we post there have a much higher value in the google ranking which will quickly lead to an even better ranking of Steemit on google than it already is.

Everyone who values original content is very welcome to join our google + community CleanSteemit!


I say welcome to our Google+ community CleanSteemit.
A beautiful day and best regards
promo logo 700 x 230 light.png
PromoSteemTeamThailand facebook group:

SteemPress website: https://steempress.org/
DTube: https://is.gd/pXyQa2
Twitter: https://is.gd/XmRCeh
Google+: https://is.gd/qxcdGO
Reddit: https://is.gd/hGl1vL

I just opened a new facebook group for original content steemians, maybe you like to join:
CleanSteemit: https://is.gd/jKQe75


Oh hallelujah! Not many more reasons left to dump facebook and Suckerborg for good. Now I am that much closer!

hahahaha, you're not alone

Whether he did or didn't (as accused in the OP), as much as I've enjoyed the journey... it's almost over!

I found this on the subreddit today!

This is an amazing idea! Zuck is stupid for blocking this because it's going to make people even MORE interested in crypto!

Wew lawd, 2018 is going to be a fun year!

Hehehe, I think so too, 2018 will be a funny and exciting year
Best regards

The Zuck would be a huge Rage Quitter in gaming!

hehehe, yes of course
Best regards

I think the same, FB is trying to eliminate the competition. I posted a similar opinion yesterday @zanoni

Good to hear that some other people think the same
Best regards

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I just read the Forbes post--it showed the original FB post and all it talked about was advertising for bitcoin. It never mentioned banning steemit posts. Can you provide more data please? Right now your post implies that FB is banning steemit posts in general, That seems to false as far as i can tell.

You can be sure it will come, facebook did the same with other networks in the past, but these were not so dangerous to them like Steemit now. And facebook will not make an announcement before.

Probably not a good idea to make baseless claims and over sensationalise the fact that Facebook wants to ban Bitcoin and ICO advertising. They are clearly doing this to protect people from scams and fraudulent activity.

But who cares right? Making up false news and spreading rumours will help build your Google+ group.

I had this experience with facebook in the past already, and it will come, we can talk again about it in some weeks, then you can think one more time about False News
And they want to protect nobody, only themself

And if you would have read my post conscientious, you would understand I talk about the future "the next step will be" "gonna" , so please don't call it False News and Rumours.
That's not a kind way.

I was thinking the same way earlier - that FB will soon ban Steemit links... (I even wrote a little something about it.)

yes, I think Zuckerberg is pissed off, sorry, hehehehe....

I like the new profile picture.

yes, you are right other social media like google plux, twitter has a advantage over facebook

Thank you, nice to hear you have the same opinion
best regards

Ive been spending less and less time on facebook. Theres so many reasons for it. I'm constantly overwhelmed by messages and requests that don't interest me. I've also come to terms with the fact that all of my data is being stored and I'm not benefiting from adding content to their platform what so ever! They also charge me if I want to "boost" a post. It's actually kind of ridiculous. I'm getting closer to deleting it and posts like this is pushing me more into that direction.

yes, true.. some weeks ago they punished me because I posted to much in some groups, hahaha, crazy...
Best regards

Yeah it's just a matter of time

yes, @chelsea88, I was member in the past of the 8app, facebook did the same, only a matter of time

Yeah that is why I'm thinking of moving steemit dreamit onto discord at some point

Resteemed your article. This article was resteemed because you are part of the New Steemians project. You can learn more about it here: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@gaman/new-steemians-project-launch

Thanks for sharing @zanoni. Hope to get more updates from you.

Facebook Steemit groups were always pretty useless

Totally joining to the google+ group ! See you there :D

Please stop spreading misinformation and fear.

He is not banning Steemit... He is banning ADS because of scammy ICOs. Only ads.

better read my post careful, ok?

Future will show. Some day facebook will be ban from everywhere

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