Facebook Looking to launch its own cryptocurrency !

in steemit •  last year 

Last Week David Marcus announced that Facebook is launching a new team dedicated to developing blockchain technology.

post link : https://www.facebook.com/davidm/posts/10160585531500195

this coin maybe facebook will use it for the ads payment , games , messanger payment,...

For me if that done ,
it's will be the new life of cryptocurrency space
and it's Will give a big boost to all the Coins , steemit , SBD , .. Bitcoin if facebook did i'm sure they will Hit 20k$ again and maybe More

what you think guys ?

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have a great day

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I'm not buying or using Facebucks/Zuckbucks/Facecoin/Facetoken!

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Who knows if they are leveraging existing blockchain on a platform such as Ethereum or their own? I wonder if it would really be good for Steemit or bad. Only time will tell. Thanks for the find.

It will be the biggest IPO ever!

Im not going to buy a fb token/coin... but it's good for the crypto world i guess

let's see the reality of this news in time

Blockchain would add an interesting dynamic to Facebook. I hope that Steemit steps up its game and competes with Facebook on their home turf nu adding features like privacy settings, business pages and groups.

Firstly they banned all of the ICO ads and crypto ads on facebook and now they're setting up their ICO ? hypocrite

Great article, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you! I really hope this isn't the case, as Facebook is just monopolising everything. Sneaky move to ban adverts for ICOs and then launch their own token. Don't you have enough Zuckerberg?

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Interesting as it may be, i am not too sure that he is doing in other to give back to the platform users. My fingers are crossed.

whether or not, im in it for the money.

Creo que es muy razonable que las RRSS busquen lanzar sus propias criptomonedas, pero probablemente tendrían que hacer cambios bastante drásticos en sus políticas de uso. La verdad, estaba esperando esta noticia.


thank you for your reply


thank you for your reply

Its a really interesting development I must say. It will help boost the cryptocurrency market as well as add extra recognition. Lets just hope facebook doesn't manipulate and monopolize the market in the long run.

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thank you for the update

Wow Mark was leading the Messenger Team! That's ultra hardcore!


yes its will be a big move

exciting times!

hot news, it's great to wait for facebook to launch blockchain technology,

Small companies like Playkey have already introduced their own cryptocurrecies, it's about time for big players jump onto crypto train too

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thanks for the post,


np , welcome
hope your enjoy it

they have to or else DAP messengers will blow them away. Its good to see that even the giants can no longer ignore blockchain.

Awesome news. Once facebook launches its own cryptocurrency it's going to be new life in cryptocurrency space.