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RE: Sneak Peek at our newest release [Tartarus]! 7 days! Get ready for BIG updates!

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Please tell me @shadowbot Why I can not find my Id in shadow casters?
But when I log in then I can show my Id. What is the reason. Please me.



Please tell me @sam99 why my casters ID like that. Why my power efficiency 0%, everything 0% and my shadow reward is 0%? I dont understand the matter. Help me please.

Shadow Rewards are how much you have earned since you joined ShadowBot from other Caster's up voting your posts. When you first join everyone starts at 0. Efficiency is how well ShadowBot is able to up vote on behalf of your account.

Each account has ~20% VP each day to use for voting posts and comments. Each full power vote consumes 2% of that VP. If ShadowBot were to use 10% VP over the past day then your voting efficiency would be 50% (10% used of the 20% total). You will notice if you do not place any votes yourself that voting efficiency can go above 100%.

In conclusion: The new release will help everyone identify all these things, and there is nothing to be concerned about. After a few days you should start seeing all your metrics going up!