SteemIt Weekly Training -RWANDA: 16-17 March -Kigali Marriott Hotel

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The Steemit weekly training in Rwanda this weekend went to the Marriott hotel as part of the ongoing Content Management Summit-Africa.
Monetization of Online Content


Using Content in Video Email and Steemit
We showed participants that YouTube is no longer the only option to monetize personal video. They can now use or dlive and if they only produce audios they can use dsound

All the above Blockchain enabled platforms are supported by steemit which pays content providers in Steem $ dollars convertible in real $$$ dollars and/or other Cryptocurrencies.
Check the summit schedule here

Check the summit speakers here

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This is really wonderful I long to join you guys. Im really missing out opportunities there.

Keep it up @zahabu

Thank you my friend @jona12
The future is brighter for the positive minds!!! 1 year

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True....I press on that

This is excellent work bro,am speechless of the great work you are doing in Rwanda

Thank you for the encouragement @jaraumoses
Let’s do it brother. Thanks really.