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imageTime is now we all start blogging for money Through Steemit Cryptocurrency.

Steemit is a platform that allows bloggers (steemians) to accumulate Cryptocurrencies (Steem dollars) each and every time they post something and their followers like (upvote) what’s shared, thus giving dollars that are convertible into US dollars or other currencies on the Cryptocurrency exchange market.

Additionally, steemians can also open and link accounts on and so they may share their videos and broadcasts for Steem dollars as well.
image is a platform that can be compared to YouTube but this one pays for the video likes shared there;
And is a video broadcast platform that’s based on the blockchain technology in such a way that whenever a user shares a live event and is liked by their followers, this translates into Steem dollars convertible into real money on the exchange market.

In conclusion therefore, it’s urgent we all open accounts on steemit, dlive and dtube so we can start accumulating Cryptocurrencies with the content we create on the internet.

Have a nice day (of steeming).
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