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How to raise the rating of the post steemit

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Unfortunately, you do not have to make 'quality posts' to earn money. Putting anything in a post and paying 'bots' to bid it up seems to be the name of the game. Sad..... very sad indeed.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I'm not making money here, I am testing a steemit project, and I want to know all the details
Your idea is correct, that the services of bots are like a game.

Yes..... and whilst Steemians are playing this 'game', of using the 'bid bots' to earn massive amounts of money and then powering down to draw it out, Steem as a crypto currency is going to fail. I just cannot understand how nobody is seeing this. Why are WE allowing this to happen? Steemit is a fantastic platform for blogging and could be GREAT but for the wealthy ones that are ruining it. The thing is they seem too stupid to realise it. Whilst they continue to draw out, the price of Steem will fall. I wouldn't mind, but I am one of the investors who is trying to get Steem to go up - STOP DRAWING OUT PEOPLE (you know who you are). If we ALL made a pact to not draw out, Steem as a currency will go through the roof and we would ALL be WINNERS.

Developers have not yet found a radical, smooth solution, I think users understand in depth what you are talking about