Proud to wear my Steemit T-Shirt whilst fund raising for a local charity

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Well what can I say......

Another fantastic day promoting Steemit in the local community and also fund-raising at the same time.

Matthew @steemblogs and I set off at 7.30am yesterday morning to our local car boot sale.

Car jammed pack with donations and Steemit t-shirt fully on show, we ventured out into the wonderful Sunday morning sunshine.


The sun did not last as long as we had hoped but we still raised another £112.00 for the homeless of Wolverhampton.


A double benefit to being out and about talking to people who came to our stall, was that we were able to talk about Steemit.


@steemblogs and I managed to distribute a good number of our promotional leaflets.

Very fruitful morning.

If you have not read previous posts of mine, we have now raised in excess of £4,000 for local charities, over the last two years. With the money that we raise, we currently buy food and toiletry items for the homeless and deliver it to a centre that makes 250 meals a day.


Thank you for reading.


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I am also proud to see you so kindly helping each other, hopefully your day will continue to be happy :)

Thank you for your kind words. Yvonne

your welcome yvone
nice to meet you here

keep the good work
I don't know you but Im proud of you
I don't know if my vote is worth something but Im voting any way

Your vote is very much appreciated. Thank you for your support. Yvonne

you are amazing, I salute with what you do, success always in running activity. you are very good

Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate you taking the time. Yvonne

Awesome work ma'am.

I know GOD in Heaven will bless you.

Thank you for your comments and words of support. Yvonne

That's the kindest thing i ever seen from a steemians keep it up my dear you are doing great

Thank you for your kind comment. Yvonne

Nice one @yvonneyoung, did you find anyone you talked to had actually heard of Steemit?

Hi, people had heard of 'blockchain' and 'crypto-currency' but not Steemit. Some people hadn't heard of anything! @steemblogs and I think we should become teachers!!! Yvonne

Its hard work getting people interested I find. I have managed to get one only of my friends on so far, and he's loving it. I will keep trying though.

Believing in Steemit was our first step. Then getting to fully understand it was the next, in all fairness I still on this one. Dropping it in to conversations as and when. We are explaining to the customers at the car boot that we are blogging our fund raising and earning money from it. That is our 'way in'. Good luck. Yvonne

I hope you got some people interested. I generally get blank looks when I mention Steem. Its a great thing you are doing for charity too.

I notice you are in the Midlands area. Were you aware of #Steemcampuk, that was held around 3 weeks in Birmingham by @lloyddavis? Only around 15 of us attended but it was great to meet other like-minded people. I dont know when the next one will be, or if there will be another one.

You are being a mother to them .
GOD will be a father to you.

Nice post