Steemit Mobile App has a new Feed design for you!

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Hurray Steemians!


We are very exited to present to you our new awesome feed design for SteemApp. SteemApp is a tool made to make posting content from mobile phones a breeze. Post everywhere even on the go even while running :))

We have 5 words for you:

Free - Secure - Fast - UI/UX - Easy

viber image2.jpg

The feed functionality will make the app a full-fledged app for posting and surfing Steemit Blockchain. You will be able to upvote, comment and view your blog posts, your followers posts, and trending, new, hot, promoted posts. After having this design it will take around 2-4 weeks to finalize the development depending on the Community support and witness voting for @yuriks2000 we will receive.



The app will always be free, no beneficiary rewards, no in-app-purchases or adds. It is totally community funded by you. We only spend our free time developing it. We are supported by your upvotes and witness votes. You can vote for witness here


The key never leaves your device as is, they are always hashed to prove that you have the active key, without showing it. All transactions are signed on your device and hashed to the blockchain. The app will only ask you for private active key, which will be securely stored on your devices key chain, which is developed by Google and Apple for your security.


Our devs are making the apps as Native and fast as possible. All the components are written in Swift and Java to make the best and fastest user experience. We use SteemJS and SteemJ open source libraries for connecting to the blockchain.


Our designer has made apps which were awarded by Apple in design category. He is using his skills and talent to make SteemApp the best Social Media App.


We were striving to make the best posting experience from mobile phone. That is why we have broken down posting into 4 easy steps and implemented custom shortcuts above the keyboard (bold, italic, underline, quote, h1, h2, h3, image upload etc.)

Plans for future

We have the design, so now it's time to get working on the Feed functionality.

You will see all of the features you use today on Steemit and will be easily available natively on your mobile device. You will be able to see preview of posts, see author details, upvote, comment, resteem.


We were aiming at the most modern and comfortable User Experience/User Interface for our Fellow Steemians to fall in love with using this app every day. We want this app to compete with Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte with its comfortable and clean interface. Once this step is finalized you will receive more cool features such as:

  • Footer Templates
  • Notifications
  • SP Delegation
  • Add your own beneficiaries
  • Advanced analytics
  • Many more (you can also send us ideas)

Community Funded

This app is made with the help of Steemit Community and we would like to thank everyone who has upvoted our posts, resteemed our posts, voted for witness, posted reviews, and reported bugs. We are glad to have such great support, with your help this app is happening. We are just a team of volunteers, who devote our time to making Steemit a better place for everyone.

Special thanks

@devfund has been extremely helpful to kick start our project with their $500 upvote from bots. It really keeps our team motivated knowing that there is such support backing us up.

We would like to thank all 257 of our witness voters, who bumped us to 96th position with a total of 3,743 MV and allow us to get funding for the SteemApp project. Here are just to name a few:

@berniesanders, @neoxian, @vortac, @dang007, @jaki01, @davidorcamuriel, @bleepcoin, @velimir, @bytzz, @tysler, @future24, @honusurf, @emrebeyler, @holger80, @kobold-djawa, @simoxenham, @satoshibit, @princessmewmew, @kharrazi, @wilfredn, @deirdyweirdy, @kabir88, @elautomatico, @endracsho, @dimarss, @leveuf, @yuriks2000, @loshombresdepaco, @wildbeast, @romanleopold, @manoloeldelbombo, @ground2feet, @thabiggdogg, @ukrainian.trail, @podanrj, @ediah, @praise-eu, @icuz, @apnigrich, @safwaninisam, @jeannart, @frieda, @darrenclaxton, @igor-steem, @zerofuhks

Big thanks to @teamsteem for believing in us and supporting us from the start. We love to see you so much on dLive! Great work!

We have received a lot of support from @thecryptodrive and btw he is a very nice person to chat to.

@ausbitbank was one of the first to see the design and I am really glad he liked it and supported us from that moment on.

@aggroed, saw the design and gave us some great tips from the start.

It was nice to see @papa-pepper, to support us, too! Thank you, it really keeps us motivated.

@someguy123, was also so kind to upvote our post about our final design. He was always very helpful to me personally(@yuriks2000), and gave some great advice about witness server setup.

To download the app search for SteemApp on Google Play or App Store or click on the images below

At the moment SteemApp has only posting functionality and check your balance. In 2-4 weeks time you will see the Feed functionality seen above. To read more about the app as it is right now you can check out this post.

App_Store_icon 1.png


Please consider voting for us as Witness if you like what we do for Steemit

Go to

Or vote for us through steemconnect

Have a lovely day and enjoy the app!

FAQ: Is the app Oper Source

We are devoted to make this app open source as quickly as possible. It will allow users to create their own apps, check the code of SteemApp to assure that the app is fully safe, help us to develop faster and to post bugs. All of this will be done on the platform we fully support - . The more developers get their hand on our app the better for the whole Steemit Community. We will keep you informed.

Supported by ADSactly

Click on the image below to join ADSactly Discord Channel. Post about my experience joining ADSactly and who they are can be found here

Talk to us:


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this is hard work to succeed Steem ,,, I really salute your hard work to help all steemian by giving your APP for free for us ... I am proud to have this application I have tried it very easy to understand and give many benefits more easily used ...


Thank you for such kind words @suheri and for supporting our project. Very glad that you like it!

Amazing developments @yuriks2000
I'm glad to be supporting you with this revolutionary SteemApp.
I wish you the very best of success mate!


Wow, thanks @darrenclaxton, glad to have such a good supporter! Cheers and Steem ON

this is an app that can be the right choice for the steemians who want to create the best content.
I see this app is very easy to run.
I am sure this will be the main choice of many people.

i give you vote for witness and i hope all your work be the best and your proggrame be the best

It would be awesome to use it , but for weird people like me who still run their iphone with iOS 10 it would be great if Steemapp could be available too...
Or i have to upgrade to iOS 11 no matter what?


Is this App works now? the one I have downloaded last time didn’t work! all my friends had the same problem. 🙁


Yes, the App works. If you have are experiencing problems please let us know, so that we will fix it for you and your friends. You can send screenshots and description of problem to

It looks great! Looking forward to trying it out! A solid app can lead to increased users signing up as most people connect to social media via mobile phones. It could be the catalyst needed to accelerate growth further. Thanks!


I believe in that as well, that is why we want to make a great app and don't rush into it, but break it up into step-by-step development process. That way we can make it great looking and with good functionality. With the help from the community we will make it faster of course.

The design looks great! Looking forward to using it =) Keep up the good work!

Off to download the app ASAP.

Nice idea. Can we get notifications for our fav channels? I miss my trivia games cuz i am too late.
@pandasquad has a great one guys. What if our phone is stolen? Should we stay logged out?

Amazing developments @yuriks2000

Kudos to you @yuriks2000 for developing such a much needed app by which we can always connect ourself with the steem world.

i resteem your proggrame i hope and pray for you be succes