"U Pagoda Miracle(9)"

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U Pagoda Miracle (9)

  1. The holy One, his hair in his braid always Tissa whose illness holy and his hair when the hermit's head looked like a rock in the ocean brought u to be established in the top of the rocks.

  2. established in the top of the rocky mountainside rock quake
    does not move it.

  3. This is built on the rock hard.

  4. The Buddha's hair enclosed.

  5. The lack of a world like u.

  6. Many pilgrims are difficult hiking through jungles and ravines. Pilgrims start.

  7. The pilgrims were praying, let me have come to pay his respects more filters. Bark win much to visit and pay homage.

  8. There is no danger to the pilgrims Love and comfort.

  9. Annual cut of pilgrims climbing up large in his pale, square tight.



thank you! sis'' them, pls fallow me.