A second plea to all the Kind-Hearted Steemians

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Hi fellow Steemians
This is my second time posting this. I am pleased that my first round of fundraising yielded
71.045 STEEM, 55.147 SBD and 111.053 STEEM POWER, although most of this was from using my own SBD and steembottracker.
I still thank all those who upvoted my post I really appreciate it. I will continue this process BUT every penny made will be put into steem power and thereby trying to help others who have also lost money due unfortunate circumstances and shitty exchanges.

I appeal to you today to help me recover quite a bit of money that I lost due to Yobit.com full of Shyte.
I will get straight to the point. I heard about masternodes and did my research (apparently not well enough) so I headed over to Yobit and bought approximately 0.3 BTC worth of RUPX coins. I then tried to withdraw these coins and that is when I saw that the wallet was under maintenance. I spoke to some people in the RUPX community and they had informed me that they tried multiple times to sort it out with Yobit but Yobit was not coorperating. I ended up selling all those coins for approximately 0.06 BTC. I used this to buy NEO and eventually Steem Dollars which I am going to convert to Steem and then power up.

I do not blame the RUPX community at all. In fact, after speaking to some of them on discord I realized they have a pretty great community. I would still love to get a Rupaya masternode and this is why I appeal to all those rupaya members to help me out.

I have attached proof of all the transactions below.
Furthermore, I would like to add that I will be using all the money raised from this post as Steem power and hopefully in that way I can help others out in the future.
I want to thank everyone in advance and I really do appreciate all your help.
I basically want to recover my money if possible.
Screenshot (4).png
Screenshot (5).png

Thank you to everyoneScreenshot (6).pngScreenshot (7).pngScreenshot (8).pngScreenshot (9).pngScreenshot (10).pngScreenshot (11).pngScreenshot (12).pngScreenshot (16).pngScreenshot (17).png


Sad story, man. Did you open scam accusation topic on bitcointalk for that issue? Or maybe reddit? Inform people on other socials as well, it will help you to prevent situations like this in the future. Keep fighting!

Congratulation for your first time and also wish you win 2nd time.

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I am willing to support you, but even I am also in a huge loss.. anyways all the best.. keep steeming.

thank you. appreciate it.

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Sorry to hear that mate, you'v got my upvote :)

I feel your pain...I had trouble with an exchange at the start of the year. In the end I tweeted that I have been robbed by xxx and the tweet was replied to and I had my funds made available but it took me about 2-3 months

I am sorry to hear that. I think I should try that though. At least it is something.

I have this list of 350+ steemers on twitter. If you are not on it, feel feel to let me know over there and I will add you. Possibly some of those people will rt you if you do as @paulag suggested.


We all are with you

We are with you sir and we will help you any way you want us to. Also Sir, I would really appreciate if you can support people like us too. Your little help will help us grow too. Looking forward to hearing soon from you. Thank you.

Hmm you said you lost money but spent so much on bid bot.. I don't see the logic in that. So it means you still have money?

Hi there. Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I had no SteemPower.
Yes I had invested 0.3btc and then I was left with 0.06 BTC. I used that to buy SBD and use bid bots on my posts

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