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RE: Bot developments 2018.02.04.

in #steemit4 years ago

Hi @minnowvotes - it looks like a number of bids were missed in the last round. Please review and refund all missed bids including @hellenn who got in touch with me about the issue.

Please reply to this comment or contact me on discord or once this has been done. Thank you!


Same problem here we have sent 2 SBD since more than 2 days we received nothing

Thank you for this message. I have also placed a bid of 0.50 SBD and have not received a refund or an upvote yet. Hope this gets sorted out. Thank you for building the Steem Bot Tracker, btw. I find it a great help!

@minnowvotes yes mine was also missed. please upvote or refund us the money.
7 hours ago Transfer 0.500 STEEM to minnowvotes

All missed bids refunded. Sorry for the inconvience. I made a special report now, which will monitor these in the future.

Please send me your discord link please @johnskotts

este me dejo fuera en la ronda hace mas de 3 dia y no rembolsa ni vota deberian sancionar al estar estafando a los peque

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