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I have talked about this in a post before, but I will still talk about again because people, particularly new users keeping asking me how to get a lot of upvotes on their post in my post.

So I go to check most of them's profile and When i see their blog, I find out that they have been posting but not getting upvotes on their post. So what I advise them to do, is to build relationships with other steemians and with time the votes will come.

Steemit is a social media blogging site, so you need to socialize and build relationships with others on the platform. The simple way to build relationships with others on the platform is to vote their post consistently and also comment on their post when you are led to do so. This way, they will get to notice you and start to support you back. Certainly not everyone you try to build a relationship with will reciprocate it, but a good number will reciprocate.

This is how my steemit journey has been, I build relationships with people and it is working, though it is a slow process but it is working. I do not have a large steem power, so I don't have a choice than to build relationships with people in the community.

Those who may not bother building relationships on the platform are those with large steem power who can just upvote themselves and get big rewards. Also those who have connections with those with large steem power or have a particular community project supporting them, they may not bother building relationships because their post will still be upvoted anyway.

But If you don't have the large steem power or you don't have the connections to any large steem power hodler or a community support project, then there is no other way around it but to build relationships with others if you want to be successful on steemit.


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The problem is that many people think about steemit like facebook or instagram and they dont care about building relationships. They just upvote or comment and never come back. The most of them upvote posts randomly and follow everyone on their way. In return they want people to follow them and upvote their posts. The missed the big part here which is "engagement".


Exactly @hanen, engagement is really important here on steemit.

Most people here see steemit like the real world, they want to build a relationship with you before they can support you.


I see it as the mistake of some people who introduce Steemit to the outside world. They just present it as a place of earning money without explaining how it really works.


Yes, you are correct.

For me, when I advertise steemit to people even though I tell them it is a place to earn, I also tell them that they need to build relationships before they can earn since it is a social media blogging site.

Socialization is they key to steemit success ,and being active in many project and platform will also add to it .

Well detailed.

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