Which is the best Steemit or Facebook? Part #1

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

Facebook is the world's largest social community. Currently its popularity all around the world.And there is no such person that Facebook does not use .At the same time , everyone uses it and spend more time at the present time.

But steemit is slowly developing as a good community at the present time.
Hopefully steemit will be popular once more for Facebook and i prefer steemit since facebook because facebook is just a time to waste but steemit has a special meaning for users.

Steemit has made a special opportunity for the community that facebook has not given . I think it is better to use steemit than facebook and to gather in the day you all gather at steemit and it will give you two meaning knowledge.

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I too hope Steemit will grow bigger in the future, covering more topics and have more functions such as notification and chat features. A smartphone app would be great as well.

yeah , i agree with you !

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Never got seriously into facebook. I don't even go there any more.
Starting to get disillusioned with steemit. To much concentration of power at the top ... that and the bots.
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hopefully soon things will be resolved soon