What do you think of KRATOM???

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I live in an area where Kratom is sold at minute marts and head-shops. I have never done it and don't know too much about it...
Kratom is considered a substitute for heroin that is safe and less addicting
Kratom grows from a tree
Kratom is used for pain
Kratom is used throughout the world

So is Kratom safe? is it processed before use? Can you OD? Is it addicting? Is it an awesome medicine? An evil drug?
I am curious because I see signs for it throughout town, but wonder if it is so great why isn't it becoming super popular like "dabs" has...
Anyone got an opinion or some knowledge???

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There are different varieties of kratom and they have different qualities from euphoric effects to sedative and pain killing effects. It's active alkaloids are shaped similarly to opioids and can be addictive, as they are received by the same receptors. However, they are known to be much safer and much less addictive than morphine and codeine. You should buy from a reputable online distributor. These guys are well established and trusted https://kr8om.com/index.html


Thank you for the info! I am not sure if I want to try it or not. I love plants-especially medicinal ones- and I have been curious about it for a while...


I've only tied a small bit of liquid concentrate and I didn't notice much. I wouldn't use it for recreation, but it's probably one of the best pain killers to have in your medicine cabinet for back aches and such.


Thanks for the info. The fact that it is addicting makes me weary of it but still not sure if I will try it or not... If it is as addicting as heroin I probably shouldn't. Anything you enjoy is addicting though so....hmmm. I don't know!