The Comment Box: The Power to Heal Lives or to Destroy Steem Reputations Forever.

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While comment spam is definitely the bane of all good Steemers' existences, comments (done properly) can be a way better tool for outreach than posts.


A few reasons why I believe this is so:

1. Views: It's all about eyeballs.

If people are seeing what you do / say AND (keyword being AND) it is productive and beneficial content, you'll get followers and also the right kind of followers -- ones who will engage.

2. Getting in front of the right steemers: Pick your friends wisely.

A meaningful and useful comment pertaining to the OP's main concern or thesis -- preferably adding considerable value -- can not only gain you a full power upvote from a whale often worth over $20 - $50 in STEEM but it can also yield you a whale follower. That's something so valuable there's nothing quite at the tip of my tongue to compare it to.

This is an easy win if all it means is carefully typing out a few paragraphs with proper grammar, some formatting and maybe a useful link dropped in.

3. A lot of people don't know how to format posts very well, and also use unpopular or even EMPTY tags for their posts: The competitive advantage of knowing how to tag on its own can make a huge difference over time -- like compounding interest.

This is not to say that if you have these setbacks that you shouldn't try to improve yourself and look for ways to better your weaknesses. This is only to say that we should also be highlighting our strengths, while never FIXATING on our weaknesses.


Thank you for reading my defense of commenting. Your thoughts are welcomed.



Very well said, I believe in the same strategy.

Thank you Mr. Monkey :D

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