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RE: Once Again to Downvoting Warriors, Leave me alone.

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That is so ironic to see this post from you MR Walker. When you have a huge account or two (just learned now @oldstone) it's hard not to get big up-votes and a lot of attention. Us small but hard-working bloggers like myself have always appreciated the support from guys like you. I have not stopped by in a while, but I'm stopping by now to thank you for supporting my efforts here on the steemit platform.

I see that you've been up-voting most of my blog post lately, but then again I guess it was the guy you passed the voting responsibility on to. Regardless you would up-vote me yourself over the past year and it meant a lot to me. Keep up the good work, keep supporting us little guys, and lets see the bear market end and steemit start to grow once again.

Frankly I have not left because of support from you and accounts like yours and that should mean something in general. Thank you and happy holidays!

From Koh Phagnan Thailand

-Dan "World Travel Pro!"

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