Second Los Angeles Steemit Meetup - 2/26

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Hey Steemians,

Help us grow the Steemit community by spreading the word about our second ever Steemit LA Meetup. This is taking place on Monday, February 26th in Hollywood, CA.

If you're in the area or know someone who lives around the hood please tell them to join us. We will be talking about:

  1. Getting started on Steemit

  2. Joining the Steemit LA group

  3. How you can help grow the community

Please Upvote, Resteem, and send the Meetup to anyone you know in LA. Steem On!



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Thanks for all the charts and opinion.Upvot and resteem.I appreciate your work..

I see increasingly more people are joining in steemit, my family almost all have entered steemit. I've been there several groups incorporated in steemit account. thanks for your [email protected]