I just LOVE Steemit... look at me in my Steemkini! Steemit to the moon!

in steemit •  last year

Steemit is the best thing in the world... as a man I put on a Steemit bikini to express this...

The circlejerk is strong...

@teamsteem am I doing it right?

Can I quit my job now?

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You are killing it! I am not sure you can quit your job quite yet but you are on a good way ;) Good luck!


The JerkForJerk is strong with this one...

show me the way oh mighty one...


creative is money...



I think you should definitely quit your job now! You are more than ready :))
You are funny @windgz!


"Hot Stuff Coming Through."

That photo has to be one of the best things I've seen all year worth a resteem and upvote to spread that perfection ;)


Hehehe! Damn straight :P

lolz looking shemale just kidding nice approach


No shemale! LOL

This is very funny. You are hot and all...
But it isn't the account or what she is wearing that is the problem, it is the fricken voting bots and those chasing curation rewards who continue to vote for the same boring stuff each day.
Thank you for a good laugh though. Work it! :)


Of course.. :P An oligarchical mess of participants.

Do u have any idea how many of those bikinis you could sell if you started a business now :) you are a hero my friend....


Bam Son!


Did you meet Borat on the beach today?


Hey man, I'm much sexier than borat!



Photoshop some boobs and you're all set!

Also, that's a mighty fine beard.


the perfect steemit circlejerk post!


Hey. I can't help it if I have a fetish for beards and bikinis on a man.

You are close to Conchita Wurst :-D image

Lol... when you are that creative, you sure can quite your job... :) @wingz

Today will be remembered as the new all time low in steem's price history. m00n s00n.


Shhh Kevin...

baHahaha! upvoted!... I want a steemkini!


You'll rock it mdear!

hahaha that's sexy. Lol


Thanks :P

What was seen cannot be unseen, thank goodness for this:

Boy I can learn from you :-) awesome one!


the circlejerk is strong in this one!

To quote Duke Nukem:
"Shake it, baby! You wanna dance?"


Hehe, great reference!

yes...i think ure legit to quit your job...since you have a nice top now ppl can tuck their tips in :>


You're a naughty one :P

HAhahaha thats epic!!! I cant wait to party with u again in steemfest 2 😂😂😂


Hehe, Lisbon will be epic!

I love all the upvote-whores that have not noticed the irony.

I am one of them. Please, upvote and follow :P




That is pretty dead sexy!



Deaaaaaad SExY!

I've seen a girl here, in steemit like you, she's with bikini and make a lot of profit everyday.

Ha..ha..ha..ha..I see a bearded lady, this Photo is very cool, funny ...! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
The best photo ... !!!


No ladies lol!

I think if ur manager saw this probly you won't need to quit because you probably get fired anyway!! 😂😂😂


True that!

Nice shot. But...have you ever considered waxing the chest hair??? :-)


All natural baby, I'll fly my Persian Carpet to glory!

that's a whole new trend!!!
you lost on a bet or something?? XD
Followed you for more~

Welcome to Steem @wingz I have upvoted and ordered matching panties :]



I'm going to go ahead and say yes - you can definitely quit your job now. But remember, "there's more to life than having chiseled abs and great features."

Hahaha Keep rockin them steemkinis man

Hey Boy Heeeeeeey..... You looking so fly, your brain must be huge and all the things you say must be interesting....

Where can I get me one of these Steemkinis???



this steemkini was provided by @allasyummyfood



Yes, only after total epilation))


No epilation!

OMG.... What is it... is it man ? :)))))


A real man!



Dude :D Love this! You killed it with this one :D Post more like this lol


Haha! Fun times :P


Why don't you post anymore? :D


Damn, so sexy, man...

Way to own it!

jajajaja its so funny jajaja... I follow you.

That's cool! I had to laugh seeing this picture. Your confidence wearing a bikini is admirable. Up-voted and re-steemed.


Thanks man :)

You got me to chuckle. Living on Steem.

Hahahahaha, so sexy !




Thanks for the laugh. Instantly followed.

Sexyyyyyy! A good look on you 😂

Good one :) resteem
very funny

🤣🤣🤣 that's brilliant !!!

Lot's bikini's on steemit today! LOL!


No,do not invest your time and energy! Lol


Thank you very much for your opinion.

funny dude

Waw.. News fashion. Nice action.

You should have worn a smile thats all i would change if only i heard the nerve to do same.
Nice & wild

I appreciate you showing all the steps of your art :)


Steps of my art....... LOL

Looks good on ya haha :)

With that getup every beach will become a private beach just for you!



your too funny your idea of bikini in a man it's very good and funny


Hahahah! It goes quite well on you though! Lol! Had a great laugh indeed!
Cheers mate!

You look adorable! :D
keep it coming love!

You look even better than I do 😎


Respect to the don!

My phone has just melted... so hot!

Continue like that and soon you can quit

That man is fabulous! :d

Well you just got a new follower! Steeem on

Yeeeaaaa Baby !!!!!

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