Steemit has given me a new version of myself.

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Prior to joining steemit I had a healthy distrust.  It included social media, cryptocurrency, alternative news, {forget MSM}, talk of aliens, flat earth, space wars, reptilians eating baby parts, and a host of information that I had no capacity to decipher.  The only reason for joining Steemit was to avoid not being able to get unadulterated opinions without censor. Yes there was the financial aspect, but the ability to socially discourse was monumental.  Here I am, maybe six months later.  A new person. A voice.  A thread in the fabric of humanity.  I cannot quantify the value that Steemit has given me as a person.  A human.  A part of something bigger than I could have imagined without it.  Thank you Steemit and the entire community.  One thread gone and the whole blanket frays.  Be blessed and be well. 



Enjoyed your sincere post immensely.

Upvoted, following, resteemed and calling on the @originalworks and @steem-untalented upvotes for your post.

Namaste (I recognize the divine in you),


I am truly honored by your recognition. My heart has gotten so much softer because of this feeling of oneness that I have experienced. I know it isn't just Steemit, but it is a window to my common humanity that I did not have. Namaste.

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yes steemit has helped alot gain access to informations from fellow steemians. alot of people like me have learnt from different blogs being posted in this really a great platform, i love steemit

I agree with you @windrockswater looking at some of the other social media platforms especially Facebook nowadays seems to be filled with nothing but negativity and ads. That's why I love steemit not only do you learn so much more on this platform but the people and community are so much nicer and friendlier.

Thank you , genuine and sincere conversations are invaluable. Relish them above all.

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