Please! Correct me if wrong. Making money on Steemit.

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Is this true? All I have to do is buy as much steem power as I can afford,  post a blog, any blog, upvote myself right away, and get whatever my upvote is worth back from the reward pool. Thus adding to my steem power and increasing my ability to make even more with every post regardless of content.  And is it true that because my blogs have such high upvote value that people will follow me assuming they will ride this monetary wave even if their comment has no content?  And is it true that because my blog because of this high reward value will go to the hot and trending pages and get far more exposer than the content deserves?  And is it true that it is not necessary for me to upvote or converse and dialogue with anyone in order to have a high rep and be successful? 

Please I know some people who do not do this.  There are some who think of Steemit as a social media platform and for them it is.  Just wondering what the alternatives are. 


I'm trying to figure it out myself, I think making personal connections with other users is a good way to start though 😎

Appreciate your reply. It changes things from one way transmission, to dialogue and conversation. Your opinion matters to me more than my own. Keep on.

I followed you, I'm looking to join networks with other users that are motivated to grow. I've only been on this platform for a few days, but it would seem finding interesting posts, and commenting with an actual reply (not a generic one like "nice post") gains more support then posting 🤓

The good stuff is most definitely there! Welcome, here's to a bright future. Will follow a two-wayer any day. ( I like to make up words).

good advise. am not here to not to have and form connections. quality here ^ Regards Dave

As I currently understand the system, yes this is true. There are many to take advantage of the system (e.g. @checkthisout). I have seen talk of modifying the downvote system and other alternatives for improving the site. I just continue on voting my conscience, hoping that the platform will improve in time. As long as you're not spamming basically anything is OK.

Thank you for your comment. It seems that if this comes to diminishing returns everybody loses and hopefully that sense will prevail. Nice meeting you.

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