Is there any way I can personalize my favorite tags?

in #steemit3 years ago

It is a little bit of a pain, considering how quickly "new" topics fly by, to go to the tags page, scroll down and pick what I wish to see, and look at what might interest me.  Aside from me feed page, which is a monumental tool, I would like to have a tag short list.  That is customized by me.  In other words any body that would like to.  Is this even possible I don't have the expertise to proffer and have to depend on others to say.  

I know that there are platforms where even non-technical people can contribute to ideas, need to get more education in that regard.  The gap between users and those that have a clue how all this works is getting wide, not just on Steemit but in general.  A user advocate or interpretive body so to speak.  

No complaints, very happy just shootin' out a thought. Peace and good will. 

 Just thought of something else before I post.  Trying to put in "tags" and don't know which are most appropriate.  Maybe a pull-down? 


You can publish your short list in a weekly post, then refer to the post. Mine would be like thus: #freemasonry #history #health #steempub #parenting #linux

Thanks for the short cut, I really appreciate your reply.

Just an idea. I was thinking of doing a "weekly roundup." I only release my best content once or twice a week. Might do "meme wars" as a weekly too, as I feel like I am robbing the reward pool if I post eleventeen kabillion memes. Then again, I only post the highlights...

Great post! Come with me!

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