I appreciate and understand the idea of resteeming. But lately it is taking up my whole feed page.

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If great creators are resorting to re-steems, where is the sustenence?  Not saying there isn't extraordinary creators and contributors out  there.  A lot as a matter of fact.  Obviously not one of them.  But my life is enriched or at least I hope it is by the people who's thoughts and ideas I respect.  I follow them.  And then my whole  "feed" page  is full of  re-steems.  I don't know why it bothers me, it just does.


Thank you for sharing your insight @windrockswater !!

this bothered me so much in the beginning that I redesigned UI, but nobody cared to program it :D

Thank you for affirming my problem. Didn't really expect any one would even listen. It's easy to tell, that I don't blog and I don't care about steem. I love being part of something bigger than me and conversation, dialogue and sharing of the human experience is everything. I do exactly what my impulses dictate. I have little regard for anything but spirit. Try not to opine or judge. Every once in awhile a post moves me to comment. Sincerely and honestly. The beauty of the human spirit is easily found on Steemit, if you are looking with an open heart. Thank you for your reply. It's nice to get a warm and fuzzy once in a while. I wish you what you deserve, which is plenty.

congrats for all tht

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