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Tuesday around 8 'o'clock in the evening , February 20 Philippine time. A fire hit a warehouse and residential area at Jenny's Avenue, Barangay Rosario in Pasig City Philippines. It was a tragedy that no one wanted to experience.

So today, this blog aims to help someone I know who's affected by this huge fire. It was a miracle that her whole family were able managed to escape and were safe. Unfortunately, due to the fast spread of the huge fire, they were not able to save anything except their lives. All of their properties were burned down including their small Karenderya/Canteen which serves as their source of income for almost 11 years.

I am calling the attention of all steemians with good hearts to give your upvotes today for a good purpose.

Let us then extend our help and show that this platform is able to go beyond through our camaraderie.


Name: Vilma Malic | Married | Mother of 1 kid
She is originally from Visayas part of the Philippines "Leyte" and went to Manila (Luzon). She was living with her family on a rented apartment for almost 11 years and settled with a small eatery business. And now all her properties and source of income are all gone.

All the proceeds of this post (SBD&SP) will go to help this family to start again. You may also send or donate directly some personal SBD if you love to @wilsonblue5. Just please indicate in the memo that your donation is for this particular family of Fire victim.

Here are some pictures





This is her small eatery business prior the huge fire

You may also see some of her updates in her facebook where I get all the pictures used here. She is a positive woman deserve to receive our help.

I am giving an SBD as well to boost this post and all proceed will go straight to the beneficiary. You can also help me by resteeming it and share to the other communities. Those who will give their upvotes and supports will receive a "Thank You" letter and a transparency record of all collected money 7 days after. Rest assured that your donation will reach our beneficiary and that we will receive a progress report.

Thank you in advance and God bless us all!

This is the first #smilecommunity blog series I have. All my #smilecommunity blogs is designed to fund my #smilecommunity outreach. But this time we will give it first to this fire victim.

You may visit my #smilecommunity facebook page.



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Woff, woff!

Hello @wilsonblue5, Nice to meet you!

I'm a guide dog living in KR community. I can see that you want to contribute to KR community and communicate with other Korean Steemians. I really appreciate it and I'd be more than happy to help.

KR tag is used mainly by Koreans, but we give warm welcome to anyone who wish to use it. I'm here to give you some advice so that your post can be viewed by many more Koreans. I'm a guide dog after all and that's what I do!


  • If you're not comfortable to write in Korean, I highly recommend you write your post in English rather than using Google Translate.
    Unfortunately, Google Translate is terrible at translating English into Korean. You may think you wrote in perfect Korean, but what KR Steemians read is gibberish. Sorry, even Koreans can't understand your post written in Google-Translated Korean.
  • So, here's what might happen afterward. Your Google-Translated post might be mistaken as a spam so that whales could downvote your post. Yikes! I hope that wouldn't happen to you.
  • If your post is not relevant to Korea, not even vaguely, but you still use KR tag, Whales could think it as a spam and downvote your post. Double yikes!
  • If your post is somebody else's work(that is, plagiarism), then you'll definitely get downvotes.
  • If you keep abusing tags, you may be considered as a spammer. It may result to put you into the blacklist. Oops!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy Steemit without getting downvotes. Because Steemit is a wonderful place. See? Korean Steemians are kind enough to raise a guide dog(that's me) to help you!

Woff, woff! 🐶

this is very helpful.thank you!

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Witness here. Actually super impressed. Even more impressed if your bot saves a users name and only does this their first time using the tag. Because after that it would be kind of annoying, spammy and bloat in the chain. But I LOVE the message. Applause. Well done.

Now all that said? I don't see the KR tag on this post at this time. So why would the Korean guidedog be on a Philippines post?

I was shocked that I got this reply. I change the tag after receiving this. It was an accident I have to say and was just followed the advise from a korean friend to use the tag. Well I wound't used that tag if I have known from the first place. Thanks @sircork

Ah well that explains why the bot spotted you. I think the bot is pretty smart to be honest, but I think my suggestions, if not already an aspect of the tool, are warranted.

Enjoy your steeming.

Thank you sir! Appreciate you and thank you for the help to this blog. Have a good day!

You're quite welcome! You have a great one too!

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This is a good cause Kuys, continue doing this! :)

Yes @obregonmariel thank you!

Such a tragic event, but praise His Name that they all got out alive. Now the rebuilding must begin. Good post @wilsonblue5. Resteemed.

Yes the rebuilding must begin asap. Thank you @floridagypsy!

I resteemed this worthy cause @wilsonblue5.

this is indeed a huge tragedy,i just hope no one got hurt.

Thank you @monjan! Everyone was safe.

Oh man this is so sad we'll do our best on this one.

Thanks @marverickinvictus appreciate it!

I guess you heard about this huge fire in Pasig aren't you?

Good job, kuya @wilsonblue5. Keep it up!

Done @wilsonblue5..keep up the good work.. 👍👍👍

Thank you @jhen!

Thats too heartbreaking 😭😭
God will make a way!

It is @itsjessamae but thanks God they are all safe. God will surely make a way!

Upvoted, God bless to all Fire Victims. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for your support @realtimtim

Aww sad to hear this news but I know God is in control. Upvoting this post for 100% of my vp. Hope it will help sir.

Thank you @ghenghenry! it will surely help a lot! appreciate you for dropping by!

Praying and hoping for a fast regeneration for the victims.

Thank you @nastylenard420!