they call it a dolphin dive whooopeeeee

haha looks like it mate! Sale days again. These are becoming a regular thing. Hows you? You back in UK yet?

Yes mate back here spending time with family back to Thailand next week

You going to the BCC thing? Did you ever get ya btc bck from ya ex misses. Couldnt beleive she done that!

yeah I'm off to the bcc party lol, nah i just cut and ran really took it on the chin, i got into regal coin when it was in its ico stage, i bought a good few I'm just waiting to do a fat loan on there, as the price has gone up to 42 dollars now so with that and bitconnect i should do alright, those lending platforms are the hottest thing now in crypto so i hear.

Yes totally agree! There is no need to trade if you have a decent amount in bitconnect. I seen that regal coin and I wish I got in now but you carnt predict the future on whether its a good buy or not! Hope you too alright out of it mate!

Yes I done a 35k loan with them the other day I'm happy with the payouts I'm investing back into nlc2 again that coin is going to blow up soon as new ui comes out

Sound like a rich man Robbie! Wish I had them sort of funds to take a risk! Lost 1000USD last night on RBY coin was well pissed off! So smashed what I had left on another BCC loan for 2k Was aiming to do a 5k but didn't get that far haha! :)

Some of the EW people expect to see a $.70 handle for steem before it is all over.

This would be fine by me....I would love to pick up some more at that price.

Calling @originalworks :)
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Thanks for sharing the updates!

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very nice post my friends love it very much

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