Well, the term "authority" may be not perfect. The "Best friend" is evaluated as power of symmetric interactions between accounts. The "Fan" means person actively votes and comments the account owner not being voted and commented in return - asymmetrically. The "Authority" is the asymmetric opposition to "Fan". We will be publishing the all math under the hood in couple months in the paper. For the time being, there is a presentation describing the idea of the social environment assessment engine:

and there is a paper on it:

Yes I understand, but words have meanings and that one has connotations that are sort of the opposite of the interactions we all watched them have. I understand what you mean, but that particular choice of words is causing an adverse impact on the credibility of the study. Simple solution find a better word to describe the thing measured. :)

Ok, have talked to another English speaker and agreed on either "Authority (opinion leader)" or "Authority (thought leader)" - hope it will be better although a bit longer. Maybe just replace with "Opinion leader" or "Thought leader" entirely... Thank you!


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