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RE: Censorship & Social Media, why we need Steemit more than ever.

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He tampered with the speech of others.
Put words in their mouth, or at least changed them.
If there is a criminal investigation into the pizzagate thing, this would be literally tampering with evidence. Speaking as someone who has performed IT forensics for a living, if there was evidence of a crime in there, he's now contaminated the crime scene to the point nothing there could be admissible.

He proved beyond a doubt that he is not acting as a neutral carrier. He has now made reddit liable for everything posted by any user. After all, if he can change someone's unflattering words about reddit on whim, why shouldn't he be forced to change unflattering reviews of a powerful politician or a popular celeb? Heck they could start selling it as a service.

He could have shut those posts out by simply labeling them censored. As it is now, an investigator looking at that database cannot in any way prosecute, the data's been tampered with.

I stand by every word I said. The fact that he edited the message to reflect it back on the Attackers rather than using his censorship powers, means that he approved the messages to run on his website and just didn't have the courage of his convictions to stand up and own it.

There's no misinformation here at all. The fact is that if you are on any social media site you are vulnerable to exactly this kind of tampering. The things you say can be altered. This is true for everywhere except steemit, because steemit's blockchain uses cryptographic signatures as a sort of tamper proof seal.


i admire your mind!!!

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