Two things that i think should be improved in steemit

in #steemit4 years ago
  1. Notifications:
    Although notifications are great feature, feature that i was looking for since i joined steem/steemit almost 3 years ago
    i'm suprised because of a few things that are wrong with them and i'm really supprised somethig like that was pushed.
    a. Colors - I don't know who made styling but it looks totally different than rest of UI. Styling should be adjusted so everything will look like a whole piece.
    b. Categories - Notifications should be splited into categories: Follows, Upvotes, Comments, Tags
    c. Speed - It takes ages to dismiss all notifications seriously very annoying
  2. Onboarding:
    There is no on boarding on steemit. There should be some kind of tutorial after first login that will explain all major functionalities of the platform. Including steem blockchain like: What is blockchain, How does people earn steem(money), What are communities? These are basics that everyone is looking for once he joins the platform

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