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RE: The Guiding Mission, Vision and Values of Steemit, Inc.

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In what is supposed to be a decentralized blockchain, I have to wonder how those who invested time and money into the SMT vision would feel about this. Those developers are now holding applications that are waiting for SMTs. Many within the community put time, effort and money supporting that vision.

And yes, I am glad you are well.

Only a few weeks ago, there was talk of sunsetting

Did you gather any stakeholder advice prior to switching directions again?

I understand 2018 was a rough year for many, but I don't know what I am investing in from week to week.

And I do not know how stakeholders get to have a say in the future development and direction of Steem.


SMTs are still a priority and is listed as such in the new Mission, Vision, and Values document on the about page under the Priorities section. Development on Communities does not impact the direction of blockchain development.

I’d like to add the following question in that context: why is there a mission/vision defined for one app (, but not for Steem as a whole network? Is that the new (reduced) focus for Steemit, Inc?

Would be great if you picked that up in tomorrow’s talk with @pennsif. Thank you! ;)

No idea if they'll stick to their stated direction this time, but if they do, I think this answers your question:

Anything we haven’t included in here, and there are plenty, because opportunities are so bountiful in this space, is not a focus for us. We encourage you to contribute and seek opportunities by picking up anything we aren’t covering, particularly if it contributes to STEEM and cryptocurrency adoption.

Of course, you have to actually believe them. It would not be fun for an entrepreneur to believe those words and stake out a path, just to have steemit change course again and use that ninja-mined stake to stomp all over them later.

Everything starts with a vision / an overall goal. In my opinion it’s nothing you can leave out and let someone else pick it up for you. You can’t have multiple visions for Steem - that’d be absolutely inefficient.

All projects ever built on Steem should aim to strengthen STEEM as a token, but you need to clearly define that so that everybody can identify with and work towards it.

I think Steemit, Inc. can only speak about what they intend to do with their own software (Steemit). They cannot decide for example what @aggroed is planning with Steem Monsters or @heimindanger with DTube. So they cannot speak for STEEM as a whole, but only for their own area of accountability.

(That's how I understand it.)

Hey @jaki01! Good to see you around and a belated Happy 2019 ;)

I agree with you to a certain point since (according to the about page) Steemit, Inc is still planning to provide the updates on the blockchain, which means that they’ll define the direction the whole chain - hence all projects built on it - is going to take.

So i wonder who would be able to define a vision for Steem then - if not Steemit, Inc?

There is no defined vision for Steem and certainly not a Mission. There is only an aggregate set of visions and missions held by numerous projects, businesses, communities and individuals who can do their own development and make their own proposals for changes. This aggregate, ideally, should be greater than any singular vision or mission, which should be what decentralization is all about.

Hi Fredrik! Well I agree that different projects and businesses built on one blockchain can definetely have different strategies on how to work towards a certain goal / vision. But the vision itself can only be one for all of them - like e.g. becoming the best social blockchain in the world.

it is something that should come out of the SOS forums that pennisf organizes. That common vision shared by everything to work on it, something like Steem's constitution don't own Steem (at least they shouldn't). So they shouldn't decide for the community what the goal of Steem should be.

The vision of Steem is the vision of the community, there will never be a single defined vision. Everyone is in it for the their own reasons.

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I agree that it’s not on Steemit, Inc to define that vision.

But reason why / motivation and vision are two different things. We can have multiple motivations but follow only one shared vision. Otherwise we’d just go nowhere.

Hey @jaki01! Good to see you around and a belated Happy 2019 ;)

Same to you! :)

Maybe steemit. Inc confused steem and steemit themselves?

I don’t think so, but the vision is clearly focused on just one app:

Our vision is that is a vibrant communities web app, expanding the boundaries of community coordination and online discussion by incorporating cryptocurrency as incentives.

That’s quite different from Tokenize the internet (November 2017) which was a more widespread approach.

Though, SMT is a priority, the Statement only places Steemit Inc with an enhancing role towards SMT as against the initial plan. In any case, I think there is a movement.

as far as I know, Ned told somewhere, that SMTs are needed to implement communities, and since communities are priority, SMT are priority even more - please correct me if I am wrong

While it is still there it is now near the bottom of a long list.

Thank you for the answer and pointing that out.

I just read the 'about' page. does this mean SMTs won't be out by March as earlier stated?

I have no expectations on SMTs. In my mind they are dead until I see them.

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